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  • FHR Council - Information can be found on the FHR Council web page.
  • Year-End Financial Deadlines for FY 22/23 – The University must submit FY 22/23 financial reports to the CSU Chancellor’s Office and the State Controller’s Office.View full the Year-End Schedule (Excel, 18KB)

Accounting Quick Links

CSUCI Accounting Procedures and GuidesIssue DatePolicy Number
2022 CSUCI Travel Procedures and Regulations (PDF, 727KB)01/2022ICSUAM ALL
CSUCI Travel Store Handbook (PDF, 1.75MB)
Travel Definitions and Terminology (PDF, 18KB)
CSUCI Direct Payment Procedures (PDF, 226KB)08/2017
CSUCI Policy on Hospitality, Prizes, Awards, Gifts (PDF, 64KB)
Honorarium & Speaker Fee Guidelines (PDF, 75KB)
Accounting/Budget Terminology (PDF, 109KB)
CI Petty Cash and Cash Handling Policy/ GuidelinesIssue DatePolicy Number
Petty Cash Active Custodian List (PDF, 94KB)06/2016
Petty Cash Procedures - CSUCI Campus (PDF, 167KB)10/2015
Petty Cash Policy - CSUCI ASI (PDF, 52KB)03/2005ASI 2.0
Petty Cash Policy - CSUCI FDN (PDF, 20KB)10/2002
Cash Receipts & Disbursements - CSUCI ASI (PDF, 32KB)03/2005ASI 4.0
Cash Receipts & Disbursements - CSUCI FDN (PDF, 45KB)08/2005FDN 3.01
Cash Receipts & Disbursements - CSUCI UAS (PDF, 24KB)07/2004UAS 4.0
Event Cash Handling - CSUCI ASI (PDF, 25KB)03/2005ASI 10.0
CSU ICSUAM Resources (Log-in Required)Issue DatePolicy Number
CSU Policy Library
CSU Hospitality Policy
ICSUAM 1301.00
CSU Business Travel Policy
ICSUAM 3601.01
CSU Petty Cash Policy
ICSUAM 3103.11
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