Students who choose to study abroad for an academic year will be studying through CSU International Programs, the official CSU system-wide study abroad program.

Tuition Cost

Remember, regardless of where you choose to study next year (in California or abroad), certain costs will remain the same, including your CI Tuition Fees. In other words, you will pay the same amount of tuition that you pay at CI if you choose to study abroad!

Program Cost – Budget Estimates for the Year

Budget estimates have been prepared on each country-specific page under the Programs Search.

Students who budget carefully using the Study Abroad Budgeting Worksheet will find these estimates to be reasonably accurate and that study abroad is within their reach. Visit the country specific program section on the CSU IP website to see the IP Program Budget Estimate for each program. CSU IP program costs are compared to the average cost to study at a CSU.

Scholarship Opportunities

1-Year Additional Financial Resources