Cost of Attendance is broadly defined as the average cost to attend CSU Channel Islands for one academic year (includes Fall & Spring semesters). The Cost of Attendance budget helps you and the Financial Aid & Scholarships office determine approximately how much money you need to attend, and how much financial aid you need to meet that goal.  Remember, the figures below are estimates... your actual costs may differ. Actual costs depend greatly on the student's personal situation and individual choices.

2018-2019 Estimated Cost of Attendance

Undergraduate Students

Housing Plans With Parent On-Campus Off-Campus
Tuition & Fees* $6,802 $6,802 $6,802
Books & Supplies $2,002 $2,002 $2,002
Room & Board $5,418 $16,954 $15,150
Transportation $1,586 $1,472 $1,544
Personal $1,480 $1,480 $1,480
Loan Fees $130 $130 $130
Total $17,418 $28,840 $27,108

Credential and Graduate Students

Housing Plans Credential
Tuition & Fees* $7,720 $8,236
Books & Supplies $2,002 $2,002
Room & Board $15,150 $15,150
Transportation $1,544 $1,544
Personal $1,480 $1,480
Loan Fees $130 $220
Total $28,026 $28,632

 *Assumes student is a resident and enrolled full-time (6.1 units) for the academic year (includes Fall & Spring semesters). Non-resident students pay tuition fees plus $396 per unit out-of-state tuition fee. 

Budgets are estimated and subject to change. Housing and meal costs are estimated. 

CSU Costs

The CSU makes every effort to keep student costs to a minimum.  Fees listed in published schedules or student accounts may need to be increased when public funding is inadequate.  Therefore, CSU must reserve the right, even after fees are initial charged or initial fee payments are made, to increase or modify any listed fees.  All listed fees, other than mandatory systemwide fees, are subject to change without notice, until the date when instruction for a particular semester or quarter has begun.  All CSU listed fees should be regarded as estimates that are subject to change upon approval by the Board of Trustees. 

To view your actual fee charge, go to the myCI Student Center.

Net Price Calculator

The Net Price Calculator provides an early approximation of what a new first-year, undergraduate student can expect to pay to attend Channel Islands. It is not intended for use by graduate, transfer, readmitted, continuing, international or part-time students, who should contact the Financial Aid & Scholarships office for more information.

The amount you should expect to contribute will also depend on the amount of federal student and/or parent loans you plan to borrow. Your financial aid award will include a federal student loan and a Parent PLUS loan.

Note: Using this online calculator is not an application for, nor an offer of, financial aid. If you find that the format of this Net Price Calculator is not accessible, or for any other accessibility difficulties, please contact the Financial Aid & Scholarships office directly for assistance.

Camarillo Market Rate Information

For informational purposes only: In accordance with California Assembly Bill 990, approved August 7, 2017, all public California Colleges and Universities are required to provide the typical market cost of a one bedroom apartment in their surrounding area. In the city of Camarillo, an average one-bedroom rental rate is quoted at $1,864 per month as of February 2019 by

Note: The Room and Board expenses included in the off-campus Cost of Attendance represent the typical costs students pay when enrolled at California State University Channel Islands. Actual costs of room and board will vary.  Many students living off-campus have roommates, which decreases their housing costs.

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