Setup Requests for New Employees

OverviewWhen a new faculty or staff member is hired, they will require a new computer and new phone, unless an existing computer or phone is reassigned to them. ITS supports the purchasing, configuration and installation of new computers and phones for new employees.
Available ToOrganizations, Affiliates, Vendors

Standards and specialized configurations for new computer purchases.
Full range of basic and extended phone features, including voicemail, multiple lines, conferencing and forwarding. 

Key Features

Dell desktop and laptop computers (for Windows users)
Apple desktop and laptop computers (for Mac users)
Apple iPad tablets
Cisco Voice-over-IP (VoIP) phones


Please allow 30 days for delivery and installation of new computers, phones and other equipment following order placement by Procurement and Contract Services

User accounts and email addresses are created automatically and are based on Human Resources data. This typically takes place within 24 hours of completion of new hire paperwork in Human Resources (or Faculty Affairs, for new faculty).

Configuration of shared printing via Pharos requires new employee to complete new hire paperwork and assignment of budget cost center for chargeback. 

CostFees for new computer, tablet, phone and phone accessory purchases apply and are typically funded by the sponsoring organization. 
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