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History [top]

  • Business Practice Number: BP.03.014
  • Version: 1
  • Drafted By: Dawn Canfield and Jerry Garcia
  • Approved By: Jim August
  • Approval Date: 05/14/2019
  • Latest Revision Date: 04/08/2019

Purpose [top]

This document is intended to assist departmental support coordinators in logistical planning related to moving faculty or staff computers. Arrangements to physically move computers from one location to another must be made with Facilities Services, however Information Technology Services (ITS) will prepare computers for moving, and re-connect them after they have been moved.

Background [top]

When employee work locations change and this necessitates moving work computers, ITS can assist with the break-down and re-connecting of computers. The procedures for moving computing equipment may be different for each move instance, and may depend on many factors including personnel availability and moving site availability. ITS will make every effort to accommodate departmental schedules.  Please be mindful that other  ITS work needs to be triaged and addressed while technicians deal with moves, so as much advanced planning and preparation as possible for moving is needed.

Business Practice [top]

Accountability [top]

Chief Information Officer

Applicability [top]

All University employees involved in moves of faculty or staff computers. 

Definition(s) [top]

  1. TDX Ticket: service request in the TeamDynamix enterprise service management system. TeamDynamix is used by the Shared Services Solution Center to manage service requests and incidents. 
  2. FS Work Order: CSUCI Facilities Services Work Order
  3. Tag Number: CSUCI property asset tag
  4. BKM: The campus preferred moving company/vendor (BKM Office Works)
  5. Large move: move of 5 or more computers
  6. Blue Bin: blue plastic containers temporarily provided by Facilities Services for campus moves

Text [top]


When planning to move computers a Facilities Work Order to move must be submitted in advance.  ITS will help break down and reconnect computers but ITS does not physically move them.


Individuals and departments requesting computer moves shall provide 2 weeks advanced notice for ITS to schedule their work related to the move, and to triage and reschedule unrelated work to accommodate the move schedule.  

The Facilities Services work order should be also submitted no less than 2 weeks in advance of the preferred computer break-down & move date.  At minimum, 2 Blue Bins from Facilities Services shall be requested by the sponsoring department for each workstation to be moved: 1 for each computer, and 1 for peripherals such as scanners, desktop printers, etc. 

Exceptions to requesting help from Facilities Services include:

  • When deploying a new computer to a user that is not part of a move.
  • When decommissioning a computer.
  • When moving a computer from one area to another in the same office and no furniture is required to be moved or lifted. 

In these cases, the move can be handled by Information Technology Consultants (ITC).

After a Facilities Work Order has been created to perform the physical move of the computer, the Departmental Move Coordinator shall log a Shared Services Solution Center Computer Move Request in the ITS ticketing platform (see Exhibits). The service request shall contain the following information:

  • Computer’s Tag Number and computer user name
  • Locations: Both “moving from,” and “moving to” locations. Specific building names and room numbers are required.
  • Preferred Date and Time for the break-down in the “From” location. For large moves, a detailed schedule with a date/time for each employee moving shall be provided by the requester (see example Detailed Form in Exhibits)
  • Description and/or Floor Plan of the “To” location so that ITS staff can verify that network ports and power are available for the computer. When a moving location needs new network ports, please work with an ITC to submit the “Get help with a wired connection” form.
  • For large moves, requestor shall schedule a walk thru of the new location with ITS staff in advance of scheduled moves.
  • When moving a network printer as part of a Computer Move, please send a separate Shared Services Solution Center request for the network printer move.
  • For assistance with phone changes such as updating a phone location, please visit this page to submit an “Update or Make Changes to a Phone” form.

If other equipment such as A/V equipment (e.g., large TVs or monitors) needs to be moved, requestor shall submit a separate work order.  For other equipment such as mounting brackets, projection screens, etc., requestor shall submit a separate work order for Facilities Services.

For large moves or for moves when furniture vendor shall also be delivering furniture, requestor shall assign a staff member to coordinate moves with assigned ITS technician and to remain available during the move.

If new computers shall be distributed during the move, requestor shall notify recipients of new computers ahead of time to back up their files. ITS shall provide assistance and advice with backups in advance of the move date only if a Shared Services Solution Center request is submitted.

Exhibit(s) [top]

These documents are incorporated by reference. Please consult the ITS Policy website for the latest versions:

ICSUAM 1401.00 (Dec 11, 2015), Administration of University Property: Policy Objective (in PDF format).

About the CSUCI Campus Computer Inventory (2016)

CSUCI University Property Guidelines (in PDF format)

ITS Ticketing Platform: Shared Services Solution Center, powered by TeamDynamix

Detailed Move Form Example (in Google Sheets)

To view Adobe PDF documents, please download and install the free Adobe Reader.

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