CI Learn

OverviewCI Learn is a online learning environment for accessing and managing course materials and course-related communication.
Available ToStudent, Faculty, Staff, Campus Organizations
BenefitsAll course content is available in a single location for students and faculty.
24/7 access to course information - anywhere you have a web browser.
A mobile app makes CI Learn available on your mobile device
Key FeaturesStudents can read and download course assignments, and upload work electronically to their instructor
Faculty can post announcements, assignments and reading material
Students are automatically enrolled in CI Learn courses
Create quizzes and tests for students to take online, with automatic grading
Update students’ grades 24/7
RequirementsA compatible web browser or compatible mobile device.
A Dolphin Name and Dolphin Password.
CostNo cost
Getting Started

Login at to access CI Learn
View CI Learn “how-to’s” for students
View CI Learn “how-to’s” for faculty
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