May 25, 2020

Dear Campus Community,

Today the Chancellor’s Office released information (PDF, 314KB) which addresses CSU policy, procedure and considerations for 2020-21 academic year planning in the context of COVID-19. This guidance sets the context for fall planning efforts and articulates information regarding the approval process for limited exceptions to virtual instruction, housing and residential education, dining services, and athletics. It is important to note that the approval process conducted by the Chancellor’s Office will be extensive and occur on a first-come, first-served basis and will require vetting by local public health officials. As a result, Academic Affairs and the Fall Planning Task Force continue to work expeditiously to prepare detailed material to support our campus submission that we hope to provide to the Chancellor’s Office within the next two weeks.

For updates on the work of the Fall Planning Task Force.

We realize that the attached guidance does not provide the context necessary to address all questions. In particular, the guidance does not address planning for staff repopulation of campus. For this reason, a core group of cross-divisional MPP’s representing each campus division is working to assist in developing a framework focused on staff returning to campus under a variety of scenarios including, but not limited to, current advisement for immune-compromised individuals, those age 65 and older, physical distancing guidelines, use of face coverings and more. As their work progresses, they will continue to seek feedback, ideas, questions, and concerns from staff.

It is also important to note that our final plans will also be required to remain responsive to changing local conditions and follow guidelines from the State of California, which have yet to be finalized. As a result, our planning must be flexible, we must remain nimble, and we must continue to seek broad campus consultation.

As President Beck has stated on many occasions, the safety of our campus and the academic success of our students remains at the forefront of our decision making and, regardless of the format, we are unequivocally committed to facilitating a thriving academic community.

Our thanks go out to each of you as we all work diligently to plan, navigate uncertainty, and build the bridge for a post-pandemic future.

Elizabeth Say Ph.D.
Ysabel Trinidad
Interim Provost
Vice President for Business and Financial Affairs

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