Help To RecycleRecycling is an essential component of being sustainable at CI. Although there are recycling bins placed throughout campus, the concept of recycling itself could be confusing when there are limited types of materials that can go into those bins. To reduce this confusion, Operations, Planning, & Construction (OP&C) has been working to improve the campus's knowledge on recycling through an awareness campaign.

OP&C has posted signs throughout campus to demonstrate what types of materials can go into the recycling bins. Having informative signage is only half the battle in tackling the issue of recycling. The other half requires cooperation from everyone on campus to simply throw away their waste in the right containers. The current recycling rate on campus is only about 50 percent. The awareness campaign hopes to increase this rate in order to ensure that all recyclable materials will be recycled.

If you are unsure of what you can place in the recycling bins, look for the posters throughout campus or contact OP&C at ext. 8461. You can also visit for more information on recycling and other environmentally friendly initiatives.

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