CI Awarded CalMHSA Grant

The California Mental Health Service Act awarded college campuses throughout the state grant funding to focus on prevention strategies addressing the mental health needs of students and advance the collaboration between educational settings and county services. Three strategic directions were prioritized: 1) Faculty and staff training, 2) peer-to-peer support and 3) suicide prevention.

CI Student Health and Counseling & Psychological Services received $93,000 as part of a system wide mental health services grant. Funds were made available through the Student Mental Health Initiative and (SMHI) Mental Health Services Act (MHSA). MHSA addresses the mental health needs of students within the CSU. The grant will focus on faculty and staff training, peer to peer support and suicide prevention.

Over the next two years, outreach efforts will be administered to campus faculty, staff and students. Additionally programming efforts will focus on first generation students, veterans, students with disabilities, LBGTQ and international students. Our new part-time Health Educator, Kathleen Roach MPH, MBA; made possible through grant funds, will coordinate programs and strategies.

For more information contact Kathy Roach, Health and Wellness Educator, at ext. 3971 or

CI Emergency Response Guide Update

The CI Emergency Response Guide has recently been updated and expanded. An update was made to “Surviving an Active Shooter,” and an addition was made, titled “Workplace Violence.” You will find a link to the CI Emergency Response Guide for Faculty, Staff & Students on the CI Police/Emergency Preparedness website (PDF, 1.62MB) . Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with this important document. If you have questions regarding any information contained in our guide, contact

For more information, contact Rachel Huff, Community Involvement & Crime Prevention Coordinator, at ext. 8444 or

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