Human Resources offices have moved!

Human Resources and Payroll have moved to the second floor of Lindero Hall on Camarillo Street. The offices can be accessed via the stairway located in the corridor at the back of Lindero Hall (to be reached through the courtyard between Topanga and Lindero Halls). The elevator can be reached through the courtyard as well. If you travel through the South Quad, you will find us down the corridor past Islands Café.

For additional information contact Ria Fidler, Confidential Human Resources Assistant, at ext. 8457 or

Student Housing and Dining Commons Expansion

To accommodate the increasing demand for on-campus housing for students, the third phase of student housing, Santa Rosa Village, is being planned at the intersection of Ventura Street and Santa Paula Street. A new, four-story, 128,000 square-foot building is planned that will house approximately 600 freshman arranged in 40-person pods. Each pod will contain a resident advisor room, toilet and shower facilities, a family room with kitchenette, and support spaces. The complex will include a lobby, mailroom, administrative offices, and communal kitchen, laundry, and living room. Construction will begin as early as October. The new Village is scheduled to be ready for occupancy in fall 2016.

As the existing dining commons facility is currently at capacity, Salon A will be remodeled and converted into dining, kitchen and cooking spaces. There will be a new entryway that serves Salon A and the existing Island's Café facility. Salon A will be remodeled into serving platforms and provide seating for approximately 200 people (a proposed exterior seating terrace could provide 200 additional seats). Demolition and preparation for the dining commons will begin as early as Dec. 2014, with completion slated for Aug. 2016.

For additional information contact Scott Watterson, Student Assistant for Facilities Services, at ext. 3507 or

Volunteer for the 6th Annual Science Carnival!

Volunteers are needed to help at the 6th Annual Science Carnival where K-8 students and their families are invited to attend on Saturday, Nov. 1 from 5 to 8 p.m. at the Thurgood Marshall Elementary School in Oxnard.

The Science Carnival is a spooky science/Halloween-themed event designed to give kids a hands-on experience with science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Over 70 science activities and demonstrations are planned for kids to experiment with.

The event and parking are free. Kids are encouraged to wear their costumes. Volunteers from the CI community are welcomed. If you are interested in volunteering, visit

For additional information contact Tracy Tumbale, Assistant STEM Outreach Coordinator, at ext. 3597 or; or visit

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