Global Friends Buddy Program

Global Friends

The newly-created Global Friends Buddy Program, organized by CI’s Extended University & International Programs, promotes interaction between domestic students and international exchange students. After taking an online survey, an international student is paired with a domestic student based on a common interest/s such as hiking, surfing, traveling, or cooking. The new buddies can do whatever activity they like together; meet for coffee, go sunset kayaking at the CI Boating Center, visit a museum, etc.

The Buddy Program helps international students quickly make a new friend within the CI community and acclimate to the CI way of life. Domestic students can expose themselves to a new culture, practice learning a foreign language, or simply help an international student out by minimizing their feelings of loneliness or isolation. Both the international student and domestic student can earn a certificate to add to their resume upon completion of the program. Completion requires a minimum of four buddy meetings.

Since launching on Aug. 10, the Global Friends Buddy Program has matched 16 buddy pairs. If you are interested in becoming a buddy or for more information visit:

For more information contact Sophie Holliday, Study Abroad Advisor, at 805-437-3107 or

Buying IT Equipment, Software and Services

Did you know that the online requisition (also known as the RGS) is no longer the beginning of the process for procuring standard or custom IT equipment, products and services? In March 2016, the Division of Technology & Communication, in collaboration with Procurement & Logistical Services, launched a new online review and approval workflow for IT procurements.

Whether you’re buying a single desktop or computer; five iPads; a new system licensed by the Chancellor’s Office; or a major software upgrade for an existing system, all requests for IT procurements now begin on the T&C Purchasing web page:

There you will find detailed step-by-step instructions for initiating and tracking your procurement of IT equipment, products and services. To learn more, watch the video introduction to the process.

For more information contact Peter Mosinskis, Director of IT Strategy, at 805-437-8587 or

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