In response to national research literature and an analysis of institutional data, Project PROMESAS includes two initiatives designed to address the attrition of STEM majors due to struggles with Mathematics. These initiatives are: STEM Services Courses and Enhanced Math Pathways.

STEM Service Courses

The STEM Service Courses (SSC) initiative intends to improve student outcomes by enhancing regional faculty cultural competence and use of inclusive pedagogy. Faculty from Moorpark, Oxnard, and Ventura colleges together with CSU Channel Islands faculty will target student success rates and carry-forward learning in Calculus Prep, Calculus I, and Calculus II. The SSC initiative is a multi-year, faculty learning program providing three faculty cohorts the opportunity to work on regional consensus regarding learning outcomes, topic choices and prioritization of topics. Fellows will consider course redesigns as well as orientations and on-going guidance programs for new faculty. Each cohort will work together for at least two years: first engaging with the relevant research literature in a learning community environment, and second considering collaborative revisions to transform students’ mathematical experiences regionally.

To learn more about this initiative contact: Dr. Cindy Wyels, Mathematics Pathways into STEM, Faculty Activity Director 

Enhanced Math Pathways

The Enhanced Math Pathways (EMP) initiative aims to increase the current six-year graduation rate for Hispanic and low-income STEM majors placing into remedial math, so that 50% of all such STEM majors graduate with STEM degrees in six years or fewer. The EMP plan included reviewing literature and various models, creating pilot alternatives to the current remedial mathematics structure at CI, studying student outcomes in these alternatives, and proposing campus-wide changes over the course of 4 – 5 years. This plan has been overtaken by a CSU system charge to replace remedial mathematics with credit-bearing mathematics courses and co-requisite support courses by Fall 2018, while also revamping campus’ Early Start programs and creating a new mathematics placement regime. Project PROMESAS resources intended for the EMP initiative will be pooled with other campus resources and directed towards thoroughly revamping Developmental Mathematics at CI in a manner that both meets the charge and is collectively thought best suited to helping CI’s students achieve their desired educational outcomes.

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