Through our Outreach activities, Project PROMESAS seeks to highlight and inform parents and students  about STEM fields and STEM careers and increase the number of Hispanic and low-income students pursuing STEM bachelor's degrees. Our outreach activities include: an annual Science Carnival; STEM Pathways Workshops; and a STEMpact Program

Science Carnival 

The Science Carnival is a FREE community event that engages students in kindergarten through 8th grades in over 100 hands-on science activities in a spooky, carnival setting. The annual event is held in the fall; either the weekend before or after Halloween.  Learn more about the Science Carnival. 

STEM Pathways Workshops 

The STEM Pathways Workshops are for parents of middle and high school students. Workshop attendees will learn about pathways to a STEM career and the benefits of a STEM career, and be provided with recommendations to as to how students can prepare for a STEM pathway.                                                         

Requests for STEM Pathways Workshops

A request should be submitted at least 2 months prior to the event for consideration. 

For information about STEM Pathway Workshops contact: Sandra Birmingham, Associate Director, STEM Educational Outreach

STEMpact Program

The STEMpact program is for freshmen students at Channel Islands High School (CIHS) and Hueneme High School (HHS). The students in the program are STEM enthusiasts and are committed to pursuing a postsecondary education. Project PROMESAS is dedicated to supporting these students by providing Mentors, known as STEMpact Mentors. The STEMpact Mentors are CI undergraduate students with STEM majors. The STEMpact Mentors visit CIHS and HHS to provide mentorship and support, and to foster students’ enthusiasm to continue on a STEM college path. The STEMpact Mentors plan and facilitate activities such as: PSAT preparation, Science Carnival activities, college-knowledge activities, and hands-on STEM activities.

The STEMpact Mentors Are…

  • Peer mentors
  • Role models
  • “Big Sisters/Brothers” with boundaries
  • Learning facilitators
  • Student engagement coaches
  • Co-educators with faculty, specializing in topics such as time management, study strategies, accessing resources
  • Leaders

For information about STEMpact contact:  Katia Nava, College Readiness Coordinator