PLTL is a series of weekly two-hour workshops facilitated by Peer Leaders who have been trained to bring out the best in a group in terms of learning the content for a course while also developing self-sufficiency and effective study skills. PLTL participants learn how to learn – frequently in study groups – and then take that skill to higher-level courses. A long-term goal is that students become more independent and learn to take advantage of their own intellect, available materials, and their peers as resources.

For Fall 2014: BIOL 203, CHEM 121, CHEM 122, CHEM 250, CHEM 311, CHEM 314, COMP 150, COMP 162, MATH 150, MATH 151, MATH 230, PHYS 200, PHYS 201.

To join

Complete the short survey F'14 PLTL Organization

Complete survey by noon on Friday, Aug. 30; receive workshop placement by Sep. 1. (Placement may depend on availability.)


  • Group workshop, two hours a week – designed for highly motivated students to deepen understanding of material and develop study skills. Commitment to attending workshops required -- stable participation is needed to build the trust necessary to admit confusion.
  • Led by a Peer Leader who excelled in the class recently and has participated in significant training for leading workshops

Advantages of participation

  • Strengthen skills and understanding of the subject material for your class
  • Develop study skills that carry over to other science and mathematics courses
  • Learn how to learn within a group – how to use the group as a resource to further own learning… and to have fun studying!
  • Develop confidence in your own analysis skills, learn to rely on your own understanding – develop the ability to know when you’ve got the concept!
  • Comfortable, supportive environment within which to ask questions... it's OK to admit you don’t understand something yet!
  • Network with other motivated students
  • PLTL is likely to lead you to further involvement in campus opportunities. Future Peer Leaders come from PLTL workshop participants.