As part of the 2013 SRI, student participants completed the nationally validated and normed Preflection and Survey of Undergraduate Research Experiences (SURE) that are administered to students in STEM undergraduate research institutes nationwide. Compared with their national peers, SRI students expressed statistically significantly greater gains in career aspirations, self-confidence and self-efficacy, understanding and appreciating the nature of science, intellectual development, scientific content knowledge, and scientific skill. View the report below:

CSU Channel Islands Preflection - Sure III Report 2013 (PDF, 680KB)

Student Feedback

”I learned that I can love what I do, not because someone told me but because I experience it. I also learned that I can love something and that there will be times where I am going to feel frustrated but never give up, only stepping away for a moment and coming back with a refreshed mind.”

“This Institute has definitely broadened and enlightened my mind, for the first time I am using skills that I have been used to only using in the class room and now I have the chance to use them outside in trying to figure out the specific situation that my mentor, teammates, and I were during the past weeks. When explaining my research to those who asked various questions, I realized that I felt quite intelligent, and that itself is a fantastic feeling.”

“The internship has also helped me see the expectations of graduate school and the process of going to graduate school and earning a Ph. Degree.”