SPRING 2019 applications are now being accepted through Friday, October 5, 2018.
HLI Internship Application 

Table of Contents:

Application Documents 
HLI Application Submission  

Application Documents

Students will need to create the following documents to apply to the HLI Internship Program:

  • Resume
  • Letter of Application
  • Student Employment Application
  • One Recommendation (minimum)

To be eligible for consideration, a completed application with all required documents must be received by the application deadline. Please download the HLI Internship Application Checklist (PDF, 116KB) to help you organize and prepare all the necessary documents and forms required to complete the HLI Internship Program Application.


A resume is a brief summary of your experiences including work, volunteer, extracurricular activities, educational background, and relevant skills that highlights your qualifications for the HLI Internship.  Students should tailor their resume to showcase areas of career and or educational interests while emphasizing the transferrable skills they obtained from previous work history.  Students are highly encouraged to seek help from Career Development Services (CDS) to create or update their resume specifically for applying to HLI.  For more information, please review the Application Assistance section below.

Letter of Application

The HLI Letter of Application should be written similarly to the Cover Letter format while answering the following questions:

  1. Specific skills and strengths you have to offer in an employment setting
  2. Placement preference (e.g., business, non-profit, or government)
  3. Career goals, both short-term and longer-term
  4. How would you benefit from an internship with the HLI

Students are also highly encouraged to seek help from the Career Development Center team to complete their letter of application. Obtaining support can assist you in creating documents that include all the required content in a professional and appropriate format.

Student Employment Application

All HLI interns will be considered CSUCI student assistants therefore; all interns need to complete all necessary employment forms and an application with Human Resources at CSU Channel Islands. The Student Employment Application (PDF, 146KB) requires an actual signature and a typed signature is not valid. Please review Student Employment Application Frequently Asked Questions information for assistance for this document.


Each student is required to obtain at least one recommendation from a faculty member  or supervisor who can attest to your motivation, desire and or personal character. It is important to select an appropriate person who you would consider a mentor that can provide insight on your unique qualities that showcase your skills and ability. Each candidate will provide contact information of their faculty and or supervisor when they submit the online supplemental questionnaire.  Once we receive your completed questionnaire, the faculty and or supervisor will be directly notified by email to complete the recommendation.  They will be offered several options to submit their recommendation and suggest that you discuss the following options in advance with your faculty and or supervisor:

  1. Complete the online recommendation form
  2. Submit letter of recommendation
  3. Complete the online recommendation form and submit a letter of recommendation

Online Recommendation Form

If your faculty and or supervisor selects the online recommendation form, they will be provided a serious of questions regarding your ability to succeed in the HLI Internship Program.

Letter of Recommendation

If your faculty and or supervisors prefers to submit a letter of recommendation, they will be given the opportunity to upload their recommendation document directly. When speaking with your faculty and or supervisor to obtain a letter of recommendation, please make sure you discuss with them the following information:

  1. Why the student is a strong candidate for the HLI Internship
  2. Distinctive qualities that would predict a successful internship for the student/employer
  3. Any additional information that would be helpful to the selection committee

Please keep in mind that, a general letter isn’t necessarily the best. The selection committee is more likely to be impressed to by a letter that identifies how a student has significantly improved or overcame obstacles that are potential concerns (e.g., no previous work experience, low GPA, etc.).

How to Request a Recommendation

  1. Consider at least 2-3 faculty members and or supervisors to request a letter of recommendation
  2. Provide your letter writer a minimum of 2-3 weeks advance notice
  3. Provide a brief self-summary of your career/educational goals and how your goals connect to an internship experience 
  4. Provide clear instructions and deadline on how to submit the recommendation including content to include (they will be emailed directly)

How to submit your Letter of Recommendation to the application

  • Applicants will provide contact information of the person(s) completing the recommendation in the supplemental questionnaire.
  • Career Development Service will reach out directly to your faculty and or supervisor via email with a link to the online recommendation form.
  • Applicants will receive an email  from Career Development Services confirming a recommendation was successfully submitted.

Recommendation Tips and Etiquette

  • Plan for the possibility of a faculty member or supervisor to decline your request for a recommendation.  That is why it is critically important to ask several people.
  • Try to avoid asking a faculty member or supervisor that:
    • you’ve only known for a brief period of time (less than six months)
    • you haven’t had contact or interaction with for more than two years
    • has minimal experience directly supervising or mentoring you
  • Meet with your faculty and or supervisor in person and provide them with a self-summary sheet mentioned above.
  • Politely request an estimated time of completion from faculty and or supervisor  and contact Career Development Center, if need to confirmation.

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HLI Application Submission

  1. Review all student content on the HLI Website to ensure your commitment to the requirements and responsibilities of an HLI Intern.
  2. Complete the online supplemental questionnaire with at least one recommendation.
  3. Obtain all necessary HLI application documents and have them reviewed by the Career Development Center
  4. Upload all the HLI application documents on Dolphin CareerLink.
    ***Once your documents are approved (24-48 hours approval time) go back to the HLI posting and 'APPLY' by uploading your documents.***
  5. Questionnaire, documents, and recommendation(s) must all be submitted by Friday, October 5, 2018.

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