Incoming freshman - consider programming a series of emergency telephone numbers into your cell phone contact list.  This simple safety strategy takes just a few minutes to accomplish and can prove to be invaluable during a crisis.

  • The first number to enter is 805-437-8444.  Label it University Police.  Call this number – someone will always answer – if you need help but your difficulty does not rise to the level of calling 911.
  • The second number to enter is 23177.   Label it CI Alert.  You may receive a text or voice message from this number if there is an emergency on campus.  Please pay attention to the message as it will include information on what you should – or should not – do
  • The third number to enter is the number of someone who public safety officials may contact if you have been injured and are unable to call.  Once you have entered the number label it ICE.  Police, Fire, and EMS personnel have been trained to look for this label.

For more information regarding emergency preparedness and campus safety please visit