CSUCI Chief of Police Michael D. Morris

                  Michael D. Morris

 I am honored to serve as your police chief and to oversee CSUCI’s Public Safety Unit – comprised of the University Police, Transportation & Parking, and Environmental Health & Safety departments.  Together, we work hard to maintain a safe campus environment in which students can learn and develop without the distraction of crime or disorder.  However, we cannot do this work alone.  It is important for all of us to take part in keeping CSUCI the amazing place we know it to be.  Campus safety is a shared responsibility.  Let’s all work together.

Our members of Public Safety are committed to proactive and innovative, data-driven approaches to sustaining an environment which not only is safe, but in which people feel safe.  We do this through strong, trusting partnerships within our community, and we emphasize the importance of open communication and respect.  We value these relationships tremendously and we strive to be worthy teammates.We operate in a unique environment at CSUCI – one which we find to be very rewarding.  Please know that we are always here for you whether there is a crisis or not.  Follow us on social media.  Stop by one of our events to have a cup of coffee and get to know your police officers.  And please, let us know what we can do to serve you more effectively.


Michael D. Morris
Chief of Police
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