Minutes of December 12, 2018 meeting

1) Attendees:

EHS (Director):    Peer Gerber (Chair)
EHS (Haz Mat & Envtl Manager):    Jennifer Lindquist
EHS (Health & Safety Manager):    Joyce Spencer
FS Management:    Wes Cooper
Chemistry:    Scott Duffer
Art:    Kenji Webb
Art:    Ivan Grooms
SETC Safety, Eng. Shop:    Theresa Kocis
Biology:    Michael Mahoney
Academic Affairs:    Gina Matibag
Biotechnology:    Melissa McCoy
Police Department:    Christopher Jetton
ESRM:    Emily Welsh
Physics:    Timo Schulze
Computer Science:    Ricky Medrano
Campus Recreation:    Joshua Wade
Student Affairs:    Courtney Ellis

  1. Introductions- Peer Gerber welcomed everyone, introduced himself and asked everyone to briefly introduce themselves

  2. Review and approve minutes from 21 March 2018 meeting- The minutes from the 21 March 2018 meeting were briefly reviewed. Peer Gerber made a motion to approve the minutes, which was seconded by Ricky Medrano. There was a unanimous decision to approve these minutes.

  3. Unfinished Business-
    1. Sea Lions at the CIBC- Joshua Wade reported that the Chanel Islands Harbor master approved a Facilities Services-funded construction project to install fencing along the dock with non-penetrating post brackets that will be installed over the dock cleats. Materials have been ordered.
    2. State audit information- Peer Gerber and Joyce Spencer provided an update to the committee regarding the Chancellor’s Office time-sensitive directives, specifically the requirement to have all laboratory students read and sign a standard training/PPE acknowledgement forms, the Risk and Safety Solutions software implementation, and a standard personal protective equipment program for laboratory staff and students.

  4. New Business

    1. Melissa McCoy inquired about a separate Risk and Safety Solutions (RSS) software module for performing bio-hazard assessments and for inventory tracking of biology cell lines. While RSS does not currently have such a module, the company is working to develop this and other specialized laboratory tools.

    2. Ricky Medrano inquired about the purchase of a fire extinguisher for lithium polymer batteries. Peer Gerber informed Ricky that, should the RSS hazard assessment or inspection report for the lithium polymer battery storage area reveal the need for such a fire extinguisher, a report will be generated and sent to the department for action.

    3. Chris Jetton informed the committee of a report regarding frequent powered cart safety rules violations, such as failure to wear a seat belt. Chris informed everyone that Police Department officers have been instructed to remain vigilant and to perform traffic stops for educational purposes if any moving violation is observed. Peer Gerber added that, because a serious injury related has already occurred on our campus, Cal/OSHA can issue a citation for a repeat violation, especially if another injury occurs. Peer also stressed the need to follow all motor vehicle code regulations and CSUCI’s powered cart safety rules while driving a powered cart.

  5. Reports and Miscellaneous Information

    1. Follow up items
      All open items from the previous Committee meeting were discussed briefly; all items are closed.

    2. Injury Report
      Normal processes for prevention and response to accidents and injuries are in place and functioning well.

The following is an injury summary report for the Committee’s review:

Injury Report: 3/21/2018 - 9/19/2018

There were 44 persons injured since the March 3rd, 2018 meeting. This total includes 17 students, 23 employees, and 4 visitors.

The student injuries occurred in various locations for various reasons. Many student injuries resulted from campus recreation sports activities. Three of the student injuries occurred off-campus during a rope course activity. Only one skateboard injury was recorded during this timeframe. The committee continues to monitor the frequency and locations of skateboard injuries. Responses to these injuries were managed through normal campus systems and processes.

The four visitor injuries were also varied and no pattern other than these injuries occurring during summer conference events could be discerned. During these events, which often involve a large number of people, many activities take place and minors are often involved. Responses to these injuries were managed through normal campus systems and processes.

Regarding employee injuries, normal processes for prevention and response to accidents and injuries are in place and functioning. Trips and falls, strains and sprains continue to be common causes of injury. Five of the injuries occurred within the Facilities Services Custodial department and one within the Grounds department. Ten injuries were recorded within the various Facilities Services trade shops. The remaining injuries occurred within various departments throughout campus. Response to these injuries was managed through normal campus systems and processes.

Next Meeting
The next meeting will be scheduled during Winter, 2018.

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