February 25, 2015 meeting


In Attendance:
FS Management:Wes Cooper
Chemistry:Scott Duffer
Art:Ivan Grooms
Risk Management:Katharine Hullinger
Safety/Environment:Bill Kupfer, Chair
Haz Mat & Envtl Manager:Jennifer Lindquist
Biology :Michael Mahoney
Academic Affairs:Gina Matibag
Technology and Communication:Carlos Miranda
Police Department:Mike Morris
Chemistry:Jason Robinson
DFS,Unit 5:Pat Tafoya
DFS Safety:Derrick Nguyen
Health and Safety Manager:Joyce Spencer
Student Housing:Janel Suliga

Information item:  A new member, Jennifer Lindquist, the campus Environmental Compliance and Hazardous Materials Manager was introduced.  She was provided the Committee charter and list of members.

2)  Infectious Disease Protocol

The Ventura County Public Health office, in coordination with the campus, responded to a recent measles outbreak on campus.  The protocol for County Health and campus actions for disease outbreak was reviewed for the benefit of the Committee.  This was an information item.

3)  Ergonomics

The Environmental Health and Safety Office, with the intent of increasing the health, safety and comfort of all employees, is now offering improved ergonomic services.  EH&S can provide all of the following, as appropriate, for an individual’s ergonomic situation.

  • A customized worksite ergonomic evaluation
  • Training on ergonomics, risk factors, and how to avoid repetitive motion injury
  • A written evaluation and recommendations to increase comfort and health
  • An ergonomics "lab" for you to "test drive" ergonomic chairs, wrist rests, back supports, etc.
  • A customized stretching program for your work

4)  Injury Report

There were 33 injuries reported since the October 29, 2014 meeting; of these, eighteen were students, thirteen employees, and two visitors.  Of interest is a heat-illness report regarding a visitor to the Santa Rosa Island field station – this is a concern because of the isolation from medical services.  Student injuries were typical; four were sports related, four were minor injuries in lab classes, and five were students engaged in various activities in campus Housing.  There was one solo skateboarding injury.  The thirteen employee injuries were almost all minor; other than that employee injuries were also typical.  One injury of note was due to a gas “explosion” associated with the large hot water heaters in Housing.  Un-burnt natural gas in an exhaust stack ignited and blew the exhaust system apart; an employee nearby who was attempting to fix the system was injured.  This “explosion” occurred again when a contracted specialist technician attempted to diagnose and repair the system.  These accidents were thoroughly investigated and the resultant recommendations for safe use of these hot water heaters will be implemented.

Normal processes for prevention and response to accidents and injuries are in place and functioning well.  Upon review of these injuries and the campus response to them, the Committee did not discern any reason for further Committee action.

5)  Attendee reports/discussion of campus activities and any safety concerns

A variety of safety issues were discussed.  Some were routine and thus addressed immediately using in-place safety systems.  Other items were informational and not actionable.  There are no new actionable safety items at this time.

6)  Follow up items

All open items from the previous Committee meeting were discussed briefly; all are closed.  The Committee will remain attentive to skateboarding incidents to ascertain if further action is required.

7)  Progress on EH&S assessments in the Sciences, Facilities Services, Art, and CIBC

Responses to findings in these assessments are progressing well; most items are closed however the Art Program effort to create new workshops is an on-going project.  The EH&S office will keep the Committee informed regarding progress on Art shops.

  • Next Meeting

The next meeting will be scheduled during Spring, 2015

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Safety Committee

Simone Aloisio, Academic Affairs
Gary Berg, Extended Education
Michael Berman, Technology and Communication
Karen Carey, Academic Affairs
Wes Cooper, Facilities Services
Amy Denton, Academic Affairs
John Gormley, Facilities Services
Elizabeth Hartung, Academic Affairs
Gayle Hutchinson, Academic Affairs
Luke Matjas, Academic Affairs
Damien Pena, Student Affairs
John Reid, University Police
Greg Sawyer, Student Affairs
Ysabel Trinidad, Business and Finance
Dan Wakelee, Academic Affairs

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