It is the policy of California State University Channel Islands to provide a safe and healthful environment for students, employees and visitors.  The University, through this Safety Committee, will support that policy by addressing safety concerns and providing communication between interested parties.  The Committee will meet as often as necessary to fulfill its obligations, but not less than quarterly.   Meeting minutes will be available for review by employees.

Committee actions will include assessing safety information and recommending corrective actions to staff, students or campus administration.


 The Committee derives its authority from:

  • An ethical obligation to protect students, visitors and staff.
  • The obligation of the University to provide a safe and healthful workplace (OSHA General Duty Clause).
  • The obligation of the University to provide an illness and injury prevention program including a safety communications system and procedures for correcting unsafe/unhealthy conditions (Labor Code Section 6401.7 and California Code of Regulations, Title 8, Section 3203).
  • CSU Executive Order 1039 California State University Occupational Health and Safety Policy


  • Recognize and promote health and safety issues as an institutional value.
  • Promote communication regarding health and safety issues between all relevant campus entities.
  • Review information related to safety including: 
    - injury and illness reports
    - accident reports
    - safety suggestions/alleged hazardous conditions
    - external regulatory inspections
    - internal health/safety/environmental inspections
  • Address safety issues.