Bicycle Registration Program

The CSU Channel Islands Police Department offers free bicycle registration to all students, staff, faculty, and University Glen residents. When you register your bicycle, it increases the chances of your property being returned should it become lost or stolen.

Register your bike by coming to the CSU Channel Islands Police Department with your bike or email Sergeant Brownfield ( the following information:

  • First and last name
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Bicycle brand and model
  • Bicycle serial number (located on the bicycle frame)
  • Bicycle color, speed, and wheel size
  • Photograph of your bicycle

Bike Rack Locations

  1. A1 parking lot near parking permit dispenser
  2. A2 parking lot near parking permit dispenser
  3. Town Center – north parking lot 
  4. Town Center – south parking lot 
  5. Broome Library south of the main entrance
  6. A/E parking lot closer to Malibu Hall
  7. D1 parking lot between Ojai Hall and Bell Tower East
  8. Santa Rosa Village at Building K
  9. Santa Rosa Village at northeast corner
  10. Anacapa Village in each plaza
  11. Santa Cruz Village between Buildings G and H
  12. A5 parking lot at Recreation Center
  13. Bell Tower in South Quad 
  14. Aliso Hall at southwest corner near outdoor stairs
  15. Student Union Courtyard
  16. G8 Courtyard
  17. Napa Hall on Solano Hall side
  18. Del Norte Hall at end of west Madera Hall
  19. A4 parking lot south of El Dorado Hall
  20. A11 parking lot south of Modoc Hall
  21. Sierra Hall at northeast corner
  22. R parking lot nearest Madera Hall

For riders’ convenience:

  • There are showers and changing facilities available at the Campus Recreation Gym during the center's regular business hours. For more information, contact Campus Recreation at 805-437-3266.
  • All VCTC buses are equipped to carry bicycles in the front of the buses or can be stored in the storage unit under the bus.
  • Campus Recreation has an air compressor available to all students, faculty, and staff to re-inflate tires.
  • The Channel Islands Bicycle Kitchen (CIBK) club on campus offers free bicycle maintenance at various times through the fall and spring semester. Please contact the club directly for more information.
  • The Cove Bookstore in the Town Center currently sells bicycle lights and locks.
  • Navigate your way around Ventura County: Find bike maps, information on how to take your bike on public transit, bike safety, bicyclist resources, and more.
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