As a subcommittee of the Physical Master Plan Committee (PMPC), the Transportation Subcommittee assists Transportation & Parking Services in accordance with its directives by the PMPC. A primary function of the Transportation Subcommittee will be to review current policies and programs, and recommend budgetary priorities for the enhancement and development of sustainable alternative modes of transportation to and around campus in alignment with the University’s strategic plan.

The Transportation Subcommittee will make recommendations to campus leadership to review and approve the development of the various programs and policies needed to achieve the University’s strategic goals for a more sustainable and efficient transportation and parking program. The Subcommittee will implement a structure in which policies, programs, and strategic goals are analyzed and evaluated on an annual basis. These reviews will include a financial evaluation of all programs and services, and lead to recommendations for the appropriate fee structures to foster the needed growth of programs and services designed to achieve the University’s long-term strategic plan.

Membership (AY 23-24)

  • Christopher Jetton, Lieutenant, Police Administration (Chair)
  • Karly Ibrahim, Customer Service Coordinator
  • Terry Tarr, Facility Services Associate Architect
  • Roxane Beigel-Coryell, Sustainability & Energy Manager
  • Julia Heck, AVP for Student Life & Support Progams & Deam of Students
  • Celina Zacharias, Senior Director of Community and Government Relations
  • Hayley Van Arsdell, Coordinator of Academic Engagement & Outreach
  • Nancy Deans, Faculty (Lecturer, Academic Senate Appointed)
  • Theresa Avila, Associate Professor
  • Gurleen Kaur Dhoat, Residential Student
  • Josephine Alvarez-Martinez, Commuter Student
  • Diane Rodriguez, Student Government Senator of Wellness and Recreation

Past Meeting Notes

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