What is Financial Literacy?

Financial literacy is the ability to understand how money works in the world. It utilizes skills and knowledge in order to make informed and effective decisions to manage a variety of financial resources. Developing financial literacy is important so that you can create a lifetime of financial well-being.

Test Your Knowledge

Are you financially literate? Take this quick financial literacy test to see how well you score. If any terms are unfamiliar, visit our financial terms dictionary to brush up on your financial vocabulary.

Create your Budget

Creating and sticking to a budget can be one of the best actions you can do to maintain healthy finances. It's not hard, especially using SBS's easy interactive budget template (MS Excel, 21KB).

Common Student Loan Mistakes

Managing your Student Loans is one of the most important steps during college and after graduation. Avoid these 8 common mistakes.


Check out this list of free resources available to all students wishing to become more financially literate:

Workshop Presentations

How to Create a Budget (PDF, 130KB)

Budget Template (MS Excel, 69.8KB)

What is My Credit Score (PDF, 1MB)

Long-term Financial Goals (PDF, 224KB)

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