CI student fees are governed by Executive Order (EO) 1102, The California State University Fee Policy. EO 1102 establishes authority, responsibility and accountability with regard to CSU student tuition and fees. EO 1102 defines six fee categories and requires universities to establish a Student Fee Advisory Committee, with student majority membership, for appropriate and meaningful consultation on fees.

In addition to the Student Fee Advisory Committee, CI has five fee oversight committees that provide oversight to each of the campus mandatory fees. The purpose of these committees is to review financials, hear budget proposals, and provide recommendations to the respective Vice President regarding annual budgets, adjustments of the respective fees, and programs/services.

This website will acquaint you with the six student fee committees, CI’s Student Fee Process, the CSU Fee Policy, as well as other information pertaining to student fees.

Student Fee Categories

  • Category I: System-wide mandatory tuition fees that must be paid to apply, to enroll in, or attend the University
  • Category II: Campus-based mandatory fees that must be paid to apply, enroll in, or attend the University (i.e associated student fee, student health services fees)
  • Category III: Fees associated with state-supported courses, especially for materials, services or use of facilities provided by the University
  • Category IV: Fees, other that Category II or III fees, paid to receive materials, services or for the use of facilities provided by the University (i.e. late registration fee, diploma fee)
  • Category V: Fees paid to self-support programs (i.e. parking permits, housing room and board)
  • Category VI: System wide voluntary fees (i.e. Student Involvement and Representation Fee (SIRF))

Student Fee Referendum

For information on the last fee referendum, including results, please visit the Fall 2012 Student Referendum page.

Historical Information

Historical Student Fee Information

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