The SFAC reviews new campus proposals and the modification of current category II and III fees in order to provide advice to the campus President on A) how to proceed with appropriate and meaningful consultation, and B) adjustments to campus mandatory and course-based fees.

Beginning in the 2019-20 AY, in addition to the overarching responsibilities and purview of the SFAC, the Committee will provide direct oversight to the Recreation & Athletics Fee and Student Health Fees. During the year, the SFAC will hear presentations from Campus Recreation and Student Wellness who provide oversight and day-to-day management over the Recreation & Athletics, Student Health Services, and Health
Facility fees. Additionally, per the requirements of Executive Order 943, campuses are required to establish a Student Health Advisory Committee; this Committee has been reestablished with a broader scope and mission under Student Wellness.

General Information

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Constituency [top]

The constituency of the Student Fee Advisory Committee includes:

  • Six students (including the chair of the committee), recommended by the Student Government President and appointed by the President
  • Two faculty members, recommended by the Academic Senate and appointed by the President
  • One administrator or staff member, appointed by the President or designee

Membership Roster [top]

Committee Members (FY19-20)

  • Sara Ruiz - SFAC Chair, Student Government President
  • Jazzminn Morecraft - Chair, ASI Board Representative
  • Laine Lyzak - Chair, Materials, Services, Facilities, & Technology Committee 
  • Chair, Instructionally Related Activities Committee - Vacant
  • Tiana Petlin - Student-at-Large
  • Student-at-Large - Vacant
  • Faculty - Vacant
  • Nicholas Centino - Faculty, Assistant Professor - Chicana/o Studies
  • Anna Benscoter - Manager, Student Business Services

Staff to the Committee (non-voting)

  • Dianne Wei, Budget and Operations Analyst
  • Dottie Ayer, Executive Director of Administrative & Strategic Operations
  • Crista Fisher, Administrative Assistant to the Vice President for Student Affairs office

Meeting Schedule, Agendas and Minutes[top]

The Student Fee Advisory Committee will meet the 1st Friday of the month from 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. in the Student Union, Room 1080 (Coville conference room), unless otherwise stated.

Meeting agendas are posted on the website at least five working business days prior to the meeting. Draft minutes are reviewed and approved during the next scheduled meeting, then posted on the website.

*Indicates a meeting date outside of the regular schedule.

Meeting DateAgendaMinutes
September 6, 2019 - CancelledNo AgendaNo Minutes
October 4, 201910.4.19 Agenda (PDF, 105KB)10.4.19 Minutes(PDF, 114KB)
October 11, 2019*10.11.19 Agenda (PDF, 102KB)10.11.19 Minutes(PDF, 123KB)
November 1, 2019- Cancelled11.01.19 No Agenda11.01.19 No Minutes
November 15, 2019 *11.15.19 Agenda(PDF, 98KB)11.15.19 Minutes(PDF,
123 KB)
November 22, 2019*11.22.19 Agenda(PDF, 93KB)11.22.19 Minutes (PDF, 130KB)

November 27, 2019*
Meeting in BTE 2810
10:30 a.m - 12:00 p.m.

11.27.19 Agenda (PDF, 136KB)11.27.19 Minutes
February 21, 2020*02.21.20 Agenda (PDF, 93KB)02.21.20 Minutes
March 6, 2020

03.06.20 Agenda (PDF, 130KB)

03.06.20 Minutes
April 3, 202004.03.20 Agenda04.03.20 Minutes
May 1, 202005.01.20 Agenda05.01.20 Minutes

Proposal Submission Process [top]

Course Fee proposals for the next academic year must be submitted by the last Friday in September.

In order to facilitate the process, there may be instances where applicants may be asked to present additional information to the SFAC.

Proposals Under Review

  • Please contact Dianne Wei at or at (805) 437-8539 if you would like copies of the FY19-20 course fee proposals under review.

Approved Student Fees

Historical Information

Historical Student Fee Committee Information

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