Thanks to generous funding from Instructional Related Activities (IRA), University Foundation, and other sources, CI Student Research is able to provide financial support for students' research and creative activities.

Here are some of the current opportunities to support your research and creative endeavors:

Research Conference Presentation Travel Support  (Fall 2023)

  • For Fall 2023, Student Research may be awarded up to $700 for currently enrolled students presenting their own research or creative project at a conference to help defray the primary costs (e.g. airfare, lodging, and student registration).
  • Click here to learn more about this travel support and to submit your student application

Student Research Materials and Equipment Support Funding (Fall 2023)

  • Currently enrolled, undergraduate students may apply for up to $700 for materials and/or equipment needed for their research and creative activities.
    • Student will need to describe their research/scholarly activities and have a faculty letter of recommendation
    • These materials should support students' scholarly and creative activities that will be presented outside of a class (e.g. priority for work presented at conferences)
    • Certain items, such as laptops and IPads, are not covered with these funds
  • Click here to learn more and apply for materials/equipment support!
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