Getting involved in undergraduate research is something that every student should consider.  Contributing to a genuine, faculty mentored research project will be an experience of a life time, exposing you to challenges and revealing strengths you didn't know you had.  Becoming involved in undergraduate research usually starts by finding a faculty member who will serve as a research mentor.  The best way to find such faculty is to start asking around, and asking faculty directly if they ever do research with undergraduates.

Other ways to find opportunities to do research with a faculty member include:

  • enrolling (with the permission of the instructor) in a UNIV 498 course ... These are courses through which faculty engage students in their research and students get academic credit for their work.
  • applying to participate in the Summer Undergraduate Research Fellows program for 2022 (applications open in early 2022)

There are also many off-campus opportunities to do research with a faculty member at another institution.  Most are competitive.  To learn about such opportunities in your discipline talk with a member of your program's faculty.

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