CSU Channel Islands is committed to providing access to the campus for groups interested in learning more about the University. Group campus tours are organized with the future college student in mind and are not intended for general school field trip purposes. Our expectations are as follows:

Coordinator Expectations

  • Groups are expected to arrive at least 15-20 minutes in advance of their assigned time.If your group is late we may not be able to fully accommodate your visit. Please allow plenty of time for traffic delays and to find your way to designated parking. Make sure you display the following parking permit. Please note check-in will now take place at the lawn outside Sage Hall.

  • If you must cancel your campus visit, please immediately notify us at campus.tours@csuci.edu. If you need to cancel the day of your visit, please call us at 805-437-8520.

  • For the safety of students and chaperones, buses must drop off and pick up students at the bus stop located on San Luis Avenue, adjacent to the Sage Hall parking lot. Buses can continue to park in that area while your group is on campus. View a campus map for parking directions .

  • When your group arrives on campus, proceed to the lawn outside of Sage Hall for check-in. 

Chaperon Expectations

  • Visiting groups should provide 1 chaperon per 10 students.
  • Because of space constraints, we are unable to accommodate groups larger than 50, which includes chaperones.
  • Chaperone's are responsible for keeping students with their group at all times.
  • Chaperone's should be actively involved in the visit—participating in the group tour, sharing meals with students, and monitoring student behavior.
  • Chaperone's should assist in keeping the group visit on schedule.
  • Chaperone's are responsible for making sure that their students are aware of and understand expectations for student behavior.

Student Expectations

  • The purpose of the campus visit to CSU Channel Islands is for each student to seriously explore his/her options in higher education.
  • CSU Channel Islands expects our visiting students to be respectful of each other, our staff, all presenters, and all facilities and property of CSUCI at all times.

Photos & Videos

  • Should your group want to take pictures or videos of their experience, they may do so in outdoor spaces only.

Your cooperation with the above guidelines is greatly appreciated and assures that we will continue to have successful campus visits in the future. If you have any questions about these guidelines please feel free to contact us at 805-437-8520 or campus.tours@csuci.edu.

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