Welcome to the sample student work archive for the CI Campus Writing Guide. A few notes before you dive in.

  1. These examples are not perfect. They are samples of work your professors believe you can learn from. Unless noted, these are all strong examples of student work, but they are not perfect! If there is a discrepancy between the way, citations or heading, etc. are used in these samples and what you’ve read in your major’s style guide, defer to the style guide.

  2. The students who wrote these papers, problem sets, lab reports, etc. chose an approach to completing the assignments. These papers are here to give you ideas, not to serve as a one-size-fits-all approach to writing.

  3. These papers should raise questions! Hopefully, they will encourage you talk to your professors about their writing requirements. The peer tutors in the Writing Center are also happy to go over these samples with you as well.

  4. No part of these papers should be used in a current paper. For more information about plagiarism and academic dishonesty at CI, see page 25 of the university catalog. (PDF, 1.7MB)

  5. Finally, this collection is just getting started. If there aren’t any samples from the course/major you are looking for, let Kathleen Klompien and she will work to get a sample.  Enjoy!

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