Supplies & Services

The LRC offers many items and services to help with your academic success. We ask that you please adhere to the following guidelines when utilizing our supplies and services: (To download the full pdf version of the Learning Resource Center Policies and Procedures, click here )  (PDF, 53KB)
  • Students must log in and log out upon their arrival and exit, regardless of the purpose of their visit.
  • If a student worked with a tutor for more than 5 minutes, they must fill out a survey.
  • Students who wish to use a study room will abide by the posted schedule outside the door. Students will not leave their items unattended while using a study room, or their items may be removed and the room given to other students. The LRC is not responsible for items that are lost or left unattended. LRC staff or tutors will NOT watch your items for you.
  • Students will respect the materials and environment of the LRC. Students will pick up their trash, treat LRC property with care, and will refrain from theft or vandalism.
  • The break room, supply cabinets, and staff offices are off-limits to anyone who is not a current LRC employee.
  • The LRC offers laptops, desktops, textbooks, scientific and graphing calculators, office supplies, and whiteboard markers/erasers. Students who wish to borrow any of the supplies should ask for assistance from an LRC employee. Items must remain in the LRC at all times.

Tutoring Rules

As students, your time is limited and valuable! We appreciate this at the LRC and offer the following suggestions to ensure that your tutoring session is as helpful as possible:

  • Students are allotted a maximum of 10 minutes with a tutor at one time. The tutor will then move on to help other students and may come back to help the original student only after everyone else has been helped.
  • Students will not monopolize a tutor's time, nor will they seek tutoring from a tutor who is off the clock. Tutors who are actively tutoring will be wearing red lanyards. Tutors will stop tutoring promptly at closing time.
  • If a student wishes to work with a tutor and all of the tutors are busy, the student will quietly and visibly post their flag on the table stand. The student may gently let a tutor or student assistant know they are waiting, but are not to repetitively or impolitely interrupt a tutor while they are helping other students. Occasionally our center is very busy and we may be short-staffed.
  • Tutors are not permitted to help students with take-home quizzes, tests, test corrections, or class projects unless specified by the professor. If the professor has not given permission, the tutors may work with the student on general concepts. Students can request that a tutor stamp and sign their paper to verify they received help.

Behavior in the LRC

In the LRC, students and tutors work together toward student success. In order to ensure that your tutoring session is pleasant and productive, please respect the following procedures and guidelines:

  • Students may not disrespect tutors, students, or staff. The below items will not be tolerated at any time:
    • Name-calling or gossiping
    • Offensive or inappropriate comments, gestures, or attire
    • Threatening speech or behavior
    • Academic dishonesty, cheating, or plagiarism
    • Sexual harassment
  • Excessive noise or rowdy behavior is not acceptable in the LRC. This includes (but is not limited to):
    • Cell phone conversations
    • Raising your voice
    • Audible videos or music from personal devices
    • Rough housing or actions that could cause physical harm to self or others
    • Being under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Students will listen to and follow the direction from any LRC student assistant, tutor, or staff member.

Students with Disabilities

The mission of CI’s Disability Resource Programs (DRP) is to empower and support students with physical, learning or psychological disabilities so that they can participate as fully in and benefit as equitably from University campus life as non-disabled students to realize their academic and personal potential. The Learning Resource center supports the efforts of Disability Resource Programs by offering tutoring accommodations for students with disabilities. For more information, please visit the DRP website.