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Learning Resource Center

Policies and Procedures

In the LRC, students and tutors work together toward student success. In order to ensure that your tutoring session is pleasant and productive, please respect the following procedures and guidelines.

General Policies

  • Students can generally expect about 30 to 45 minutes of tutoring, twice a week. Tutors will work with a student for approximately 10 minutes, then move on to help other students. The tutor will return and can work with a student for longer after everyone has had a chance to be helped. If you feel that you would benefit from more tutoring, and there are tutors available, please see the LRC coordinator for approval.
  • The LRC is a cell phone free zone.
  • Tutors are not permitted to help students with take-home quizzes, tests, test corrections, or class projects directly unless specified by the professor by email or phone. If the professor has not directly contacted the LRC, tutors may assist by working with the student regarding the general concepts covered in the assignment. 
  • Students may ask a tutor or student assistant for the LRC stamp to verify their attendance to the center. However, the stamp alone does not indicate that the student received tutoring help at the LRC. If a student works with a tutor, he or she should request that that tutor sign the stamp to indicate that the student received tutoring help on that assignment.

As students, your time is limited and valuable! We appreciate this at the LRC and offer the following suggestions to ensure that your tutoring session is as helpful as possible.

  • Bring your textbook and class notes.
  • Consider preparing questions ahead of time to help structure your session.
  • Please remember that the LRC is an additional resource for students, not a substitute for going to class.
  • Math is difficult for everyone! Please help to maintain a positive environment through focus on subject material and a courteous and polite attitude, even during stressful times such as testing periods.

Visiting the LRC:

Logging in and out
Supplies and Laptops
What can I expect from my tutoring session?

To download the full pdf version of the Learning Resource Center Policies and Procedures Manual, Learning Resource Center Policies and Procedures (PDF, 53.5KBKB)

Students with Disabilities

The mission of CI’s Disability Resource Programs (DRP) is to empower and support students with physical, learning or psychological disabilities so that they can participate as fully in and benefit as equitably from University campus life as non-disabled students to realize their academic and personal potential. The Learning Resource center supports the efforts of Disability Resource Programs by offering tutoring accommodations for students with disabilities. For more information, click here.