Office Hours

The Learning Resource has shared office space available on a first-come, first-served basis for faculty and staff members who would like to conduct their office hours in the Learning Resource Center. If you would like to reserve a room, please contact the Administrative Support Assistant at 805-437-8409.


The Learning Resource Center does not administer proctored examinations. Instructors may reserve a study room to proctor their own examinations. In this case, the distribution and collection of the exam, as well as supervision of the student and testing conditions, are the responsibility of the instructor.

Test Corrections

LRC policy states that tutors are not permitted to help students with take-home quizzes, tests, test corrections, or class projects directly unless specified by the professor by email or phone. If the professor has not directly contacted the LRC, tutors may assist by working with the student regarding the general concepts covered in the assignment. If you would like the tutors to help your students directly with test corrections, please contact the LRC Assistant Director at 805-437-8921.

In-Class Tutoring & Tutor-Led Study Sessions

Want a tutor to help out in your classroom for the day or lead small group study sessions before an exam? Depending on tutor availability and student need, these types of sessions may be available either on an ongoing or as-needed basis. Please contact the LRC Assistant Director for more information.

Student Accountability

If you would like to encourage your students to visit the LRC for class credit, there is a stamp that the student can request from their tutor that verifies he or she visited the LRC. Please note that this stamp alone only verifies the student's visit. If a tutor has signed the stamp, it indicates that the student worked with a tutor on concepts and/or problems related to that assignment.  As stated in the LRC policy, it is ultimately the student's responsibility to ensure that his or her homework problems are completed in such a way that he or she earns the grade desired.

Program-Funded Tutoring

Several programs at CI support tutoring for subject-specific tutoring. The LRC has space for these tutors available. If your program would like to "house" a tutor in the LRC area, please contact the LRC Assistant Director. Please note that program-funded tutors are expected to follow LRC procedure during their time in the LRC. For more information, please download  Department Funded Tutoring Policies (PDF, 61.36KB)


For more information, or to request services, please complete the Faculty Request Form (MS Word, 356KB)  and email it to