CSU Channel Islands is offering the following course to complete the Early Start English requirement:

English 102: Strategies of Successful College Writing (3.0 Units)

Students who enroll in Early Start English at CSUCI will complete English 102, a three-unit course (Strategies of Successful College Writers — GE Area E) that helps students develop habits of mind and strategies for success in writing at the college-level. Students in this course will learn to make use of academic resources and technologies throughout the writing process (invention, prewriting, drafting, revising, editing, and peer review).

The class will be taught fully online and asynchronously by an experienced member of the composition faculty who is also a CSUCI graduate. Students who complete this course in the summer (and plan to continue enrollment at CSUCI) will receive priority enrollment in English 105 (Composition and Rhetoric — GE Area A2) in the fall, with the same instructor and cohort of students. Students planning to attend other CSU campuses who complete Early Start at CSUCI will not only earn Early Start completion credit but will also fulfill their GE Area E requirement that they can transfer to their campus. Courses are offered from July 11, 2022-August 12, 2022.

For other Early Start classes at other CSU campuses, please visit: https://csustudentsuccess.org/course-list

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