Career Development and Alumni Engagement offers career counseling and assistance with the graduate/professional school exploration, decision- making, planning and preparation process.  We provide online resources through our Graduate School Bound Program, and our Graduate & Professional School Handbook.

Graduate & Professional School Handbook (PDF, 709 KB)  

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Meet with a Career Counselor to discuss the graduate/professional school exploration and decision-making process. Click here to schedule an appointment with a Career Counselor. Make sure to check out additional graduate/professional school resources and support related to the planning and application process.

Graduate School Bound Program

The Graduate School Bound Program is a self-paced online format to assist CSUCI students and alumni with the graduate/professional school exploration, decision-making, planning and the preparation process of applying. This online program is intentionally designed to provide in-depth assistance with the graduate/professional school planning process. 

Graduate School Bound Program Modules:

TitleModuleSupplemental Documents
#1 Career and Educational Goals Module #1 (MS Powerpoint, 241.5KB)

What To Do & When (PDF, 14.9KB)

Timeline (PDF, 170KB)  

Process (PDF, 182KB)

#2 Exploration and ResearchModule #2 (MS Powerpoint, 288KB)

Planning Guide (MS Excel, 37.5KB)

Evaluating Graduate Programs (PDF, 82.1KB)

Selecting a Graduate School (PDF, 81.5KB)

#3 Graduate School Application PlanningModule #3 (MS Powerpoint, 1.8 MB)Questions to Ask Graduate School Representatives (PDF, 216.0KB)
#4 Financial Aid & Test Preparation Module #4 (MS Powerpoint, 452KB)

GRE Test Preparation Sessions

GRE Test Preparation Resources (PDF, 195.9KB)

Graduate School Financial Aid Resource List (PDF, 172.16KB)

2012-2013 GRE Informational Booklet (PDF, 1.0MB)

#5 Personal Statement & Letters of Recommendation Module #5 (MS Powerpoint, 346.5 KB)

Writing and Multiliteracy Center

Graduate School Admissions Essays (PDF, 110KB)Sample Graduate School Admissions Essays (PDF, 87.5KB)

#6 Enrichment and Experience Module #6 (MS Powerpoint, 255KB)

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