Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Career Development and Alumni Engagement (CDAE) is committed to providing inclusive support and resources to enable all students and alumni to seek job and internship opportunities with organizations who honor, respect and practice diversity, equity and inclusion. We encourage you to research how organizations value diverse perspectives and an inclusive culture. For more information make sure to explore our Diversity Resources.

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Additional Resources


Start here for your job/internship search! Handshake is your one stop shop for jobs, internships, and events from local, regional, and national employers who are posting at numerous colleges and universities. For more information about Handshake at CSUCI and how to create your account, visit our Handshake page. 

Benefits of Handshake:
  • Schedule a Career Counseling appointment
  • View on-campus and off-campus jobs & internships
  • Get feedback from our career staff on your resume and cover letter
  • Search for opportunities on the go with the Handshake app
  • Customize your profile so recruiters can connect with you

Internship Hub

The newly launched Internship Hub hosts information, resources, and guidelines to help students navigate the internship process. Visit the Internship Hub for information on:

  • Finding internship opportunities
  • Applying for Academic Credit internships
  • Internship Guidelines
  • Tips to make the most of your internship experience
  • and more!

Job Search Strategies

  • Try several job search methods
    • If you limit your job search to just one method, you will limit your options. To be competitive in today's market, you should use multiple methods. No one job search method will reveal all of the jobs out there. Not every kind of job or industry is represented in every job search method. If you want to maximize your options, you will need to use multiple methods.
  • Start early
    • Some employers, especially larger organizations, look to recruit and hire many months in advance of the anticipated work-start date. If you do not start early, you can still find opportunities but you will have missed out on some of the options.
    • It can take an average of six months to complete the entire recruitment process!
  • Learn how others pursuing your career field or industry have been successful
    • Use the LinkedIn Alumni tool to see what other people's career journey was like and how they gained experiences.
    • Conduct Informational Interviews to talk to professionals about their day to day life in their career/industry
  • Talk to faculty in your department
  • Talk to alumni about your career field
    • Use the LinkedIn Alumni tool
    • Join Dolphin Connect - it's similar to a LinkedIn mentorship platform for CI students, alumni, and community partners
  • Learn to think beyond a major
    • Some people have a major that equals a job title; most do not.
    • Learn to think about occupations, types of industries, job skills and career fields.
    • The real world is not organized by academic majors therefore it is important to broaden your perspective.
  • Do not expect your job search to be quick and easy
    • A job search can sometimes feel like a full-time job. Your motivation and attitude are the keys to your success.
  • Research companies/organizations in your field
    • Identify prospective employers before they have an opening. Conduct informational interviews with prospective employers before positions post on their website.
  • Visit the Career Center
    • Schedule an appointment to find out creative ways to tap into the "hidden job market.
    • Join our workshops, info sessions, and mentoring events to learn more about your career options. 

Additional Resources

  • Review a comprehensive list of job/internship databases to expand your job search.
  • CSUCI Workplace Harassment
    • CSU Channel Islands student interns and student workers should never have to encounter harassment or discrimination in the workplace.  If you have questions or concerns about personally experiencing or witnessing an instance of possible discrimination or harassment in your  workplace environment, or an instance of a site’s refusal to provide reasonable accommodation to an individual with a disability, please contact Title IX & Inclusion Office at: titleix@csuci.edu.
  • Equal Employment Opportunity Commission:
    • Support and resources related to discrimination and any form of harassment in the workplace.
  • California Department of Fair Employment and Housing:
    • Protects the people of California from unlawful discrimination in employment, housing and public accommodations (businesses) and from hate violence and human trafficking.
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