During spring 2012, Project Vista funded a research project to explore the need for childcare and dependent adult care for CI students. Scope of need was assessed using web-based surveys, focus groups, and interviews. Five students conducted web-based research and searches of college and university services for children and dependent adults. Key administrators on the CI campus, and directors of childcare centers at various universities and community colleges in California and Minnesota, and regional Head Start program directors shared their perspectives, suggestions, and expertise through face-to-face interviews and discussions.

Following the work of these students and staff, a planning group of campus and community members, all very knowledgeable in their fields, will be gathering with students to discuss start-up plans for the establishment of an education and care center for children on campus. However, before blueprints can begin to be designed, a substantial amount of funding has to be acquired and other important tasks investigated (e.g., liability issues, space and facility requirements, and operational budgets).

Establishing a center for adult care for dependent adults was not supported by the survey respondents due to the small number of students, faculty and staff with these needs. However, a more effective web presence with information on resources and referral for both adult dependent care and childcare was demonstrated and the content for the campus web-site is being developed during Spring 2013 by a Project Vista student employee, with assistance from the Associate Vice President and Director of the Library.

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