Sean Carswell brought his extensive experience in the teaching of composition and writing to my marine biology lecture program this year, and I would say that this collaboration was a resounding success.

With Sean's input, I was able to re-craft assignments and class exercises so that they elicited far better response in terms of standards of student writing, while still amply covering the subject material of the course.  Sean provided suggestions on ways in which the specific components that comprise good science writing could be highlighted within the lecture course.  Along with this, he also provided very useful advice on the most effective methods of grading compositions, so that students reap most benefit from the time that we are able to invest in this.

I would consider my time working with Sean to have been extremely well spent.  Certainly, standards of student writing are so very variable, and can easily become a stumbling block to student success.  Working with Sean, I picked up a range of new techniques that I can easily incorporate into my teaching, and I would strongly encourage other faculty to take full advantage of this opportunity.