I strongly encourage all of my colleagues to avail themselves of the opportunity to participate in the Science Writing Initiative.  I was fortunate to be able to work with Sean Carswell this past semester and he was fantastic!  Having an in-house consultant and partner who is an accomplished writer who has spent years working with students on the craft of clearly articulating their thoughts was very helpful.  I have worked with composition faculty and others for several years on a more haphazard basis to tweak and expand the writing-related components of my teaching.  But having a dedicated faculty member who was focusing on my particular class for the duration of the semester was unique.  While I was already practicing many of the obvious techniques to boost the caliber and depth of writing in my science courses, Sean was able to give me numerous new prompts and more effective ways to motivate/encourage writing as a process.  Our collaboration was so successful, it has inspired me to think about how we might continue such faculty cross fertilization beyond writing and critical thinking.  I hope all of my colleagues take advantage of this unique opportunity to bolster the tools in the pedagogical quiver.