Introduction to Interdisciplinary Research: Theory and Methods is the first textbook to offer a comprehensive treatment of the interdisciplinary research process for interdisciplinary graduate students writing theses and dissertations and advanced undergraduate students writing capstone projects. Interdisciplinary Studies (IDS) programs are rapidly growing in formal degree-granting opportunities across institutions around the world. Further to this, more traditional discipline programs involve integrating multidisciplinary perspectives into their research. Author Allen Repko offers the first concise and guided resource on the most commonly accepted interdisciplinary studies principles as applied to the research process. The text covers topics such as deciding how to choose disciplines relevant to the problem or topic, dealing with disciplinary and ideological bias, making explicit the rationale for taking an interdisciplinary approach, and choosing research methods appropriate to the problem or topic. This text is appropriate for advanced undergraduate and graduate interdisciplinary studies courses that require research projects or cover methods of social inquiry. Programs in cultural studies, women's studies, public administration and policy, criminology, urban affairs, evaluation, and other areas in which an interdisciplinary perspective is often foundational to the curriculum will find this an invaluable course resource to bring together issues and methods of Interdisciplinarity in one comprehensive yet manageable text.