Our Vision Statement

CSUCI will be a leader in developing socially-engaged and accountable leaders through high-quality service-learning that supports educational excellence and student success, and fosters sustainable and equitable campus-community partnerships that offer transformative opportunities for students, faculty, and local and global communities to create a more just and equitable world for all.

Our Mission Statement

The Center for Community Engagement supports and promotes high-impact service-learning in our communities by cultivating long-term sustainable partnerships that address societal challenges and foster engaged citizenship.

Center for Community Engagement 
2019-2024 Strategic Plan

Based on the well-established “Self-Assessment Rubric for the Institutionalization of Service Learning” (developed by Andrew Furco, a leading researcher in the field of service learning from University of California, Berkeley), for the first half-decade of its existence (2005-2012), the Center for Community Engagement (CCE) was largely involved in Stage One: Critical Mass Building, which is characterized by “building a campus-wide constituency” engaged in and supportive of service-learning (SL). From 2012 through 2018 the CCE’s efforts have concentrated on Stage Two: Quality Building. All programs and activities have moved beyond simply expanding opportunities for SL to building capacity for high-impact SL practices. The CCE Strategic Plan for 2019-2024 calls for deepening the campus community’s engagement in high-quality practices while also moving into Stage Three: Sustained Institutionalization, in which “a campus has fully institutionalized service learning into the fabric of the institution.” This new stage of growth aligns well with the University’s HSI status and Strategic Plan. 

In spring 2019, the Center for Community Engagement (CCE), along with it Advisory Board members, embarked on the development of a five-year strategic plan that articulates new and focused directions. We firmly believe that the new strategic plan will position the CCE to more effectively promote, support, and institutionalize service-learning and community engagement at CSUCI.

All CCE strategic goals seek to promote Community Engagement in all of its forms by working with our stakeholder groups. The following represent the highest order strategic goals of the CCE, which we seek to fulfill through a range of objectives. 

  1. Expand, sustain, and advance an institutional culture of high-quality service-learning for greater educational excellence and student success.
  2. Increase student learning and success through high-quality curricular and co-curricular service-learning.
  3. Expand and refine assistance to faculty and programs for developing high-quality SL to assure educational excellence.
  4. Strengthen the capacity of community partners and more fully integrate them to build a more thriving and equitable community.
  5. Develop greater capacity and sustainability by continuing to raise awareness about service-learning and community engagement and its connection to CI’s Mission and Strategic Priorities 2015-2020.
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