Our Vision Statement

The Center for Community Engagement will strengthen its presence on campus and in the community, becoming the central resource for students, faculty/staff, and community partners involved in community engagement, and becoming a model for the innovative expansion and deepening of service learning and the institutionalization of community engagement.

Our Mission Statement

The Center for Community Engagement supports and promotes high impact service learning in our communities by cultivating long-term sustainable partnerships that address societal challenges and foster engaged citizenship.

CI Center for Community Engagement: 2013-2018 Strategic Plan

In spring 2013, the Center for Community Engagement (CCE) embarked on the development of a five-year strategic plan that articulates new and focused directions. After operating under the original mission statement for five years, the CCE has undertaken a major effort to reformulate our Mission, Vision and program goals; so that each clearly reflects new and innovative goals that support high impact SL practices.

A group of diverse stakeholders including CCE staff, faculty, students, and community partners provided input and feedback on this plan. A draft strategic plan developed by the core leadership team (Managing Director, Faculty Director, and Community Partner Coordinator), building on the new CCE charter document, approved by the CI Faculty Senate in the spring. The CCE Advisory Board was given the opportunity to provide feedback. We firmly believe that the new strategic plan will position the CCE to more effectively promote, support, and institutionalize service learning (SL) and community engagement at CI.

 The following represent the highest order goals of the CCE, which we seek to fulfill through a range of objectives. All CCE goals seek to promote Community Engagement in all of its forms by working with all of our stakeholder groups.

  1. Institutionalize Community Engagement on campus, both through formal initiatives and informal practices.
  2. Expand the number and range of opportunities for involvement in Community Engagement at CI.
  3. Promote awareness and understanding of high impact practices and models for Community Engagement.
  4. Cultivate mutually beneficial and long-term partnerships between campus and community partners.

Contact Information

Dennis Downey
Faculty Director

Pilar Pacheco
Managing Director

Kaitlyn Cotton
Community Partner Coordinator

Center for Community Engagement

One University Drive
Ojai Hall
Camarillo, CA 93012
Main Phone Number: 805-437-8851