Chancellor Office, Center for Community Engagement: Creating Virtual and Remote Service-Learning Experiences – A 3 Part Series
Higher education instructors and students around the world recently made a rapid transition to remote teaching and learning.  Hosted by the Chancellors Office, Center for Community Engagement this webinar series outlines how the key components of service-learning pedagogy (e.g., preparation, action, reflection, evaluation) can be adapted to online environments.

Series Panelists: Kevin Kelly (moderator), SF State; Leticia Márquez-Magaña, SF State; Annie White, CSU Channel Islands; Mike Willard, Cal State LA; Del Bharath, CSUDH; Steven Brownson, CSUDH & LA; Paul Fornelli, CSUDH; Tania Mitchell, U of MN; Helen L. Chen, Stanford University

Utah Valley University, Office of Teaching and Learning and Center for Social Impact - Teaching Service-Learning Online (Advance HE Webinar) by Jon Westover, , 2020. A webinar focused on utilizing service-learning projects in an online format.

Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) Office of Service Learning, and Going Online@VCU -Teaching Service-Learning Online - A series of modules created by A. Hall to provide faculty with introductory training and ideas for best practices in online service-learning instruction. These modules explore the basics of designing a service learning course, explores the types of online service learning courses, and has participants reflect on community engagement in their field and create community engaged learning objectives and assessments. This self-paced course is free and open sourced to all and takes approximately 4-6 hours.

AAC&U - Designing High-Impact Practices for Equity and Impact in a New Context (pre-recorded)- High-impact practices are known to deepen learning and engagement and to promote student success, but how readily do they translate to new contexts? Can faculty design similarly impactful teaching and learning practices even as they adapt to the sudden and massive shift to virtual environments now underway? Learn shared strategies for supporting student success and advancing equity in new contexts—during the COVID-19 crisis and beyond.

National Association of System Heads - Getting Beyond the Checklist: What Makes High Quality HIPs (pre-recorded)- This webinar presents findings from the HIP Quality Project that explores the extent to which students participating in HIPs are exposed to the elements, examines evidence of “high quality”, and discusses differences among student populations to help institutions enhance the quality of their HIP offerings. Presenters: Jillian Kinzie, NSSE Institute & NILOA Senior Scholar, Indiana University School of Education.


Mercer University's Research that Reaches Out office has launched a new podcast that tells the stories of how faculty and staff are working with students to deepen learning and address real-world problems by stacking two high-impact practices, service and undergraduate research. These early episodes include concrete steps for how faculty and staff have modified classroom service partnerships and outreach in the face of Covid-19 distancing.

Check it out on SoundCloud

Read our episode transcripts


Center for Digital Civic Engagement provides a myriad of webinars, articles and resources in support of online service-learning.

Campus Compact is doing a wonderful job of updating a blog post to support their engaged institutions and courses. They have a number of resources, including options for virtual volunteering and an amazing community-curated Google Remote Teaching Resources for Business Continuity spreadsheet of online teaching resources.

California Campus Compact has culled from a wide range of sources. New resources are highlighted in BLUE so you can keep track of new additions if you return to this page regularly (new posts each week). Last updated: 5/20/2020

The Center for Civic Reflection has some resources and discussion questions that may be relevant for your course. This COVID-19 Teaching Resources spreadsheet also has some reflection ideas, too. This episode of NPR's Code Switch focuses on COVID-19 and racism and xenophobia, which may also be a useful reflection resource.

Additional Resources

Chancellor Office, Center for Community Engagement (COCCE) - The following are snapshots of project ideas that have been shared in recent months at various Community Engagement network meetings. This is not an exhaustive list. Projects listed are in various stages. For additional resources, please visit the COCCE’s Resource Guide.

Inside Higher Education, Davidson, C. and Katopodis, C. (2020). Transforming Your Online Teaching From Crisis to Community. Inside Higher Education - An Inside Higher Ed article with quick, easy, and effective ways to create an engaged learning experience online.

Tessa Hicks-Peterson, Assistant Vice President for Community Engagement and Assistant Professor of Urban Studies at Pitzer College, offers from her book, Student Development and Social Justice: Critical learning, radical healing, and community engagement, 2018, activities that advance the praxis of critical, contemplative community engagement through effective activities for use in the classroom or as written assignments (PDF, 390kb).

Adapted by A. Hall, Virginia Commonwealth University, 2020, from Center for Civic Reflection, 2020, Portland State University CBL, 2020, and Omprakash, 2020. Alternate Reflection and Research Ideas for Students related to the Global Health Pandemic - A curated list of reflection and research prompts centered around Community-based Learning and COVID-19 to engage students in experiential learning and critical reflection in an online format, for all disciplines.

Virginia Commonwealth University - Using PhotoVoice and Digital Storytelling as an Effective Online Reflection Tool. Created (and/or adapted) by A. Hall, 2020. A list of engaged learning activities using PhotoVoice and digital storytelling tools adapted for online delivery and virtual student interaction.

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