"Through my participation in service-learning, I now understand that service-learning is not just about making a community better, but using these experiences to self-reflect on our own privilege. There is a big difference between going to class and taking notes on the statistics for people trying to cross the border, and actually hearing the voices of those statistics.” - Alejandra Archechiga Flores, Chicana/o Studies major

Service-Learning - Education to Create Change

Service-learning is an opportunity for students to connect what is being learned in the classroom to service experiences centered on a community need or issue. Through reflection activities students are given the opportunity to understand what was learned and experienced, and how the community was benefited. Service-learning equips students with the knowledge and experience necessary to transform them into future leaders and socially-conscious citizens. Use your education to make a difference and create change in the community - register for a service-learning course! 

Our Support Services for students include:

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