The purpose of the Assistant Vice President for the Financial Services office is to lead the CSU Channel Islands Finance Team. As a unit within the Division of Business and Financial Affairs, we consist of several departments: Fiscal Services, Materials Management, and Student Business Services. We provide support to the main campus, our three auxiliary organizations and two public entities.

The spirit of the Financial Services office is reflected by Fun, Teamwork, Pride, Magic, and Integrity. We commit ourselves to Dedication, Trust, Respect, Excellence, Timeliness, and Accountability.

Core Values

  • Accountability: The staff understands what is expected of the department and is committed to meeting those expectations and takes ownership in helping to find answers to questions and solutions to problems.
  • Employee Focus: We are committed to success of our employees as they are our most valuable resource.
  • Excellently/Quality: The department maintains a high standard of excellence which drives us to provide world class levels of support, services, and products. We strive to exceed expectations!
  • Integrity: We present the integrity of the financial records through the diligent and thorough application of the law, regulations and policies through the accurate and timely completion of assigned tasks and through the appropriate documentation of transactions. Ethical standards, services and decisions we offer are honest, fair and impartial.
  • Leadership: We lead by example, while encouraging growth and advancement.
  • Teamwork: The department works together to achieve individual and department goals, sharing knowledge, encouraging and support each other while respecting differences.
  • Transparency: The department endeavors to openly share information with others, effectively expressing our ideas and actively striving to understand the ideas of others.

About the Council

The Finance and Human Resources (FHR) Council is made up of representatives from across the University and provides a forum to discuss financial services and human resources related topics, such as administrative directives, audits, technical questions, finance updates, and training. The Council meets regularly to discuss these topics, including quarterly updates on new business, administrative directives, and old action items.

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