Items for Purchase

RHA sells those pesky items that you never seem to have enough of! Visit us in Anacapa Village A305 to purchase: 

  • Stamps:
    • Domestic - $0.75 each 
    • International - $1.25 each 
  • Envelopes: $0.25 each
  • Fan Rentals: $15/year (charged to your student account) 

RHA Residence Hall Linens Program

Support RHA in fundraising while ensuring you have attractive bedding, decor, and storage in your room! The Residence Hall Linens program has all your campus living needs, from extra-long twin sheets and comforters to matching towels and storage items. 

RHA Care Packages Program 

One more way your families and friends can support RHA in fundraising is through sending you gifts! The Residence Hall Care Package program has a variety of goodies that students can receive throughout the academic year depending on the package purchased. Our Campus Market or O.C.M is a service that has been established since 1981, and are the company we go through for providing students with the care packages. There are a variety of different packages which may include food or other school-related items, as well as a personal card where your family or friends can write you encouraging statements or wish you good luck at your new founded education. Packages can be purchased at any time but please factor in a shipping delay for those ordered close to the distribution date. 

Proceeds from these programs go to the RHA and are used for events and leadership development activities within student housing at CSUCI. 

Dolphin Dollars Initiative

Throughout the year, you will be able to earn a special kind of currency only accepted on campus through RHA, called Dolphin Dollars. You can earn Dolphin Dollars in different ways, such as being an outstanding citizen on campus, or getting good grades on different assignments, quizzes, tests, or essays. This currency can be used to purchase different CI merchandize and other items from RHA. These are items that are normally found in the bookstore, such as hats, shirts, lanyards, notebooks, & more!