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How can I get a student ID?

During the international student orientation, you can take a picture and receive your student ID. It costs $15.00 to issue an ID and your account will be charged for the fee. Please make sure to pay for the fee before you complete the program and return home.

Do you require any immunizations?

Yes, immunizations are required. Please visit Student Health Services for more information and make sure to bring proof of immunization with you.

What happens after I am admitted?

You will need to provide your financial affidavit form, and bank statement in order to receive an I-20, or DS-2019. The next step is for you to apply for an F-1, or J-1 visa for your stay in the United States.

I have my visa, what now?

Inform the International Programs office of your visa decision, and to confirm that you will enroll in the term that you have been admitted. We will send follow-up emails with your next steps.

I want to book my flight, when should I arrive?

We list an arrival date on all immigration documents, typically, we recommend you arrive one week prior to the start of the semester.

When do I need to purchase insurance?

You must have a valid policy in order to register for your courses. You can purchase the policy online at

Will I meet other international students?

Yes, you will meet all incoming international students at one of the orientation sessions, and we host various events during the semester. The events are open to all international students, and domestic students.

How many units do I have to enroll in?

Undergraduate students are required to enroll in 12 units each semester. Graduate students are required to enroll in 8 units each semester.

Can I take online courses?

Yes, but you can only take one online course towards your full-time course load. If you take more than one online course, then you will need to register in more than 12 units.

Can I work on campus?

Only degree seeking students can work on campus. This means, if you are graduating from

CSUCI and receiving an official degree from us, then you can work on campus.

How many hours can I work on campus?

You can work up to 20 hours during the semester, and up to 40 hours during the vacation periods.

Can I work off campus?

You cannot obtain off campus employment while you are a student. If you have more questions about off campus employment, then please make an appointment to speak with someone in the International Programs office.

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