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Please click the link below to access the New International Student Handbook:

New International Student Handbook (PDF, 651KB)

New International Student Orientation

Welcome to CI! Attendance is mandatory. Please make sure to attend the orientation for the program you are admitted to learn more about the services provided on campus. If you are not sure which program you are enrolled, please contact the International Programs office at international@csuci.edu.

Spring 2024

January 19, 2024

11:00 - 2:00 pm in the Broome Library, room 2325

Fall 2024

Bachelor's and Master's students:

August 21, 2024

11:00 am - 2:00 pm in Broome Library, room 2325

Exchange and Semester at CI students:

August 22, 2024

11:00 am - 2:00 pm in Broome Library, room 2325

Documents to bring:

$15.00 cash to pay for student ID (Your account will be charged. Please make sure to submit the payment before you leave the country.)

Visa Information

Admitted students will receive an acceptance packet via email from the International Programs office. This will include your Immigration Form I-20/DS2019, which you must use to apply for your F-1/J-1 student visa at the U.S. Consulate/Embassy in the city or country where you are presently living. To locate the U.S. Consulate nearest you, visit the U.S. Department of State website for locations. If you have been accepted by several U.S. colleges or universities, do not apply for your F-1/J-1 student visa until you decide which institution you want to attend. Please only use the CI "I-20/DS-2019" form to apply for a visa and enter the U.S. if you are planning to attend CI.

Visa appointment wait times and processing times vary by country and Consulate. For detailed country by country information on visa wait times, please visit the U.S. Department of State Visa Wait Times website. The Consulate office website should have the information about the SEVIS fee and visa application fee. Please make sure to pay both for the appropriate amount and submit the necessary documents in order to obtain your visa.

For more information on student visas, including application procedures, please visit the U.S. Department of State on Student Visas website. You may also read the pre-departure handbook that was sent to you in your acceptance packet for more information regarding your student visa.

Medical Insurance Agreement

All F-1*/J-1** students with a current I-20/DS-2019 from CSUCI must agree to obtain insurance coverage for health. After admission to CI, students must purchase medical health insurance through the CI designated health insurance company, JCB Insurance Solutions. Without purchasing the designated insurance, the students will not be able to register for courses. Please make sure to have your valid insurance in order to register for your courses well in advance. Some of the courses are popular and may not be available if you wait to purchase the insurance. 

*F-1 status students must provide proof of insurance coverage through JCB Insurance Solutions on the day of orientation.
**J-1 status students must provide proof of insurance coverage through JCB Insurance Solutions at least one month prior to program start date.

This health insurance requirement also applies to students while participating in Optional Practical Training or OPT.

Immunization Requirement

All incoming students are required to submit proof of immunization in accordance with Executive Order 805

Please visit the Student Health Center webpage for information regarding immunization requirements.

Must secure housing *

Apply for campus housing and receive your confirmation

Upon your admission, please apply for the campus housing as soon as possible to secure your space since the space is very limited, and you may not be able to obtain the campus housing if you apply late. Please do not show up at the campus housing office without your housing confirmation. The campus housing is not a hotel and can not accommodate anyone showing up without the proper campus housing confirmation. Students who arrive without the appropriate housing confirmation may be asked to arrange use his/her transportation and hotel with own expense to take uber ($45-$60) to the nearby hotel ($200-$300.) 

Off campus housing

We strongly recommend students to stay on campus housing for your first academic year. One bedroom apartment in off campus could cost about $2,500-$2,900 per month. Furthermore, public transportation is very limited. The bus service won't be available in some evenings. Graduate students may have to use Uber which could cost $45-$55 per trip to apartments in Camarillo and Oxnard. 

Traveling to CI

Home country to California

The nearest international airport to CI is Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). If you are flying in from overseas, you should plan to arrive at LAX. If you are flying to California from inside the United States, you may use either Bob Hope Airport in Burbank (BUR) or LAX.

What to expect at the airport

Upon your arrival, you will go through Immigration and Customs. After disembarking, you will first pass through passport control (Immigration). Have your passport and I-20 ready for inspection. Then, collect your luggage and go through baggage inspection (Customs). This process may take an hour or more depending on how busy the airport is with other flights.

Airport to CI (Camarillo)

CSU Channel Islands cannot provide transportation from the airport. The most efficient and cost-effective way to get to CI from BUR or LAX is an airport shuttle van. Taxi service is also available but is much more expensive and you must have plenty of U.S. cash (minimum $150 US) as they do not all accept credit cards. There is no bus service from LAX to Camarillo. It takes about one hour to reach CI from LAX.

Must have campus housing confirmation

Please make sure to apply for the campus housing well in advance of your arrival in the U.S. You can not check in at the campus housing office without the appropriate housing confirmation which is necessary for you to apply and submit the deposit from your country. Please do not arrive at campus housing without your housing confirmation. For students who arrive without the housing confirmation may be asked to arrange their own transportation and hotel at their own expense as the space at campus housing is very limited. 

Shuttle Information

The most popular shuttle options are Roadrunner, Super Shuttle and Prime Time Shuttle. To use one of the shuttle companies listed, you should make a reservation ahead of time. You may fax, call them directly or make a reservation online (see phone numbers and online addresses below).

The current fare for one person in a shared shuttle van is approximately $60 - 70 (one way).* The current fare for an exclusive van ride is approximately $125 - 135 (one way).* The fare includes two pieces of luggage per person. Additional baggage and odd size baggage (golf clubs, skis) will incur extra fees. These prices are approximate and not guaranteed. A $5 to $10 gratuity (tip) is very much appreciated by the driver. Please check the websites of each company to find out which credit cards they accept.

*Please note that the prices listed are estimates and are not guaranteed.

For Santa Barbara Airbus reservations:
Tel: +1806-964-7759
Website: https://www.sbairbus.com/ 

For Smart Shuttle reservations:
Tel: +1805-482-0202
Website: https://www.smartshuttle805.com

For Super Shuttle reservations:
Tel: +1(800) 258-3826
Website: https://www.supershuttle.com

For Prime Time Shuttle reservations:
Toll free in the U.S.: +1(800) 733-8267
Website: http://www.primetimeshuttle.com/

For On-Campus Housing check-in:
The campus housing office's business hour is usually from 9:00-5:00 from Monday to Friday. Please make sure to check in during the business hours : Campus Housing Contact

Maintaining Student Status

As an F-1 visa student, you must maintain your student status at all times while you are in the United States. This is extremely important. F-1 students in undergraduate programs must enroll in 12 units of courses each semester. F-1 students in postgraduate programs must take a full course of study as certified by the institution. At CSUCI, full time is defined by the number of units required by the Financial Aid Office. Please make sure to review the following information and contact the International Programs to make an appointment with an advisor if you have any questions regarding your student visa status. Maintaining Student Status: https://studyinthestates.dhs.gov/students

Taking Online courses

F-1 students can take one online course each semester. F-1 students in undergraduate program enroll in minimum 12-units (usually 4 courses X 3 units.) These students can take 1 online course and 3 in-person courses. If the course is 1 unit, the students must enroll in minimum 11 in-person courses.

F-1 students in post graduate program enroll in 9 units (usually 3 courses X 3 units.) These students can take 1 online course and 3 in-person courses. If the online course is a 1 unit course, that is the only online course you can enroll for that semester and the rest of the classes must be in-person.

Traveling Overseas and re-entering the United States

Please make sure to come to the International Programs Office to get your I-20 endorsed by your International Advisor. You can make an appointment before you leave outside of the US if you need assistance regarding your visa, I-20 and passport.

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