• Where can I study?
    The location of your study abroad experience will depend on your major/minor. Not all major/minors are offered in each country. Please refer to the 1 Year and 1 Semester webpages for more information.
  • What are the 1-semester study abroad options?
    As of now, two 1-Semester programs are available, one in South Korea and one in Germany. The space is limited and normally 1 or 2 students will be nominated each semester.  Please visit our 1-Semester webpage for eligibility requirements.
  • How do I apply to study abroad?
    Applying is easy and free! The 1 Year program is mostly an online application. Please see the 1-Year Application Process webpage for more information.
    The 1 Semester program application process is mainly in person. Please see the 1 Semester webpage for more information.
  • Is it difficult to get accepted?
    The answer to this question largely depends on you and the availability. For some programs, if you meet all of the eligibility requirements, turn in all of the required application documents on time, plan ahead, and have a good work ethic, the likelihood of you being accepted is good.  Some programs have limited number of space each year. 
  • When should I begin looking into the study abroad programs?
    Students should begin looking into the CI study abroad programs their freshman year. If you come in as a freshman this gives you more time to plan and budget for your study abroad adventure, and better prepares you to graduate in four years with an international experience. However, students should come in as soon as possible.
  • Can I study abroad as a senior?
    It is very likely; however, it depends on the program you choose. Most 1-Year programs allow seniors to participate. 1-Semester programs are also open to seniors.
  • Will I be able to graduate in four years if I study abroad? If you plan ahead and all of your classes transfer from your host university overseas, it is possible to graduate on time. We recommend visiting our office earlier in your college career (freshman/sophomore year) in order to allow time to plan well so that you can graduate in four years.
  • Is studying abroad expensive?
    The cost depends on the program; some countries have a higher standard of living, like Australia for example, thus the cost could be more expensive due to living expenses. Some study abroad experiences can be equal to or less than attending CI. Please reference to our Financing Study Abroad webpage for cost comparison information. Also, note that you can apply your financial aid to your study abroad experience and your tuition cost will remain the same as attending CI.
  • I am accepted to the CSU Study Abroad program.  Should I register for courses at CI for next semester?Please do not register for courses at CI if you will be studying abroad next semester since the Record's Office will register you in a place holder course once they receive the confirmation of your study abroad status from CSUIP.