Welcome to the Learning Resource Center's Online Tutoring Portal!

Zoom IconThe LRC is now offering online tutoring through Zoom, an online meeting platform, available at no cost to all current CSUCI students. Through Zoom, you can participate in a face-to-face individual tutoring session with one of our tutors working in the walk-in center. Zoom will function on any laptop or smart phone. We encourage the use of video/audio technology to optimize your tutoring experience.

Zoom Tutoring Session Hours

You may request an online Zoom tutoring session any time the LRC is open for walk-in hours:

  • Monday through Thursday: 10am to 7pm
  • Friday: 10am to 1pm
  • Sunday: 5pm to 8pm
  • Extended hours for Dead Week and Finals Week

Please review the tutoring schedule (PDF, 249KB) to be sure that your subject is supported at the time of your request. 

Requesting Online Tutoring

To request online tutoring:

  1. Double check the tutoring schedule (PDF, 249KB) for subject availability
  2. Click the "REQUEST AN ONLINE TUTOR NOW" button below to enter the Online Tutoring Zoom waiting room
    • You will be prompted to download Zoom if you do not have it installed, or launch a Zoom window if you already do
  3. An LRC representative will be with you shortly
  4. When the LRC representative responds, please provide your course number and title for which you are requesting support, along with your CSUCI Student ID, or government-issued picture ID 
  5. If no one has responded within 5 minutes, please call the LRC at 805-437-8904 or 805-437-8921


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