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The LRC offers online tutoring and group study spaces through Zoom, an online meeting platform, available at no cost to all current CSUCI students. Through Zoom, you can participate in a face-to-face individual tutoring session with one of our tutors working in the drop-in center. You may also request to work in a group study space, privately or with friends! You can request help from a tutor if your group needs assistance in the study room! Zoom will function on any laptop or smart phone. We encourage the use of video/audio technology to optimize your tutoring experience.

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You may request an online Zoom tutoring session or use the group study rooms any time the LRC is open for drop-in hours. Please use the TutorFinder available on the Subjects and Schedule page to be sure that your subject is supported at the time of your request.

Requesting Online Tutoring or Group Study Rooms

To request online tutoring or group study rooms:

  1. Double check the current tutor schedules for subject availability. You can check to see what tutors can help with your specific course by using the TutorFinder button.
  2. Click the Blue Button (above and below) to enter the LRC Zoom Waiting Room.
    • You will be prompted to download Zoom if you do not have it installed, or launch a Zoom window if you already do.
  3. An LRC representative will be with you shortly.
  4. Once admitted, the LRC Host will ask you to provide  your CSUCI ID # and/or last name, as well as the course number/title for which you are visiting.
  5. The LRC Host will connect you with a tutor and assign you to a private breakout room in which you will conduct your session. You may also request a group study space at this time!
  6. Please note that tutoring sessions may be recorded for verification and training purposes.


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