Fall 2017 CI Tutoring Services

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Learning Resource Center

The LRC offers free walk-in tutoring for courses in Math, Accounting, Economics, Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Physics, Psychology, Statistics, Sociology, and Nursing. The LRC is located in the Broome Library, 2760. Tutoring hours are Monday-Thursday: 10am-7pm, Friday-Saturday 10am-2pm.  The LRC is now offering tutoring online via Zoom! All you need is a working microphone and camera on or attached to your computer or laptop. You can sign up for an online tutoring session in the LRC at the welcome desk! 

Fall 2017 Schedules: By Tutor(PDF, 439 KB); By Day (PDF, 513 KB)

Contact: Carissa Romero, Coordinator for Student Academic Success Services. Email:  carissa.romero@csuci.edu, 805-437-8921

Lupita Magana, LRC Administrative Support Coordinator. Email: lupita.magana@csuci.edu; lrc@csuci.edu, 805-437-8409

STEM Center

The STEM Center (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) offers free tutoring for students. In particular, the STEM center specializes in tutoring for students in "gateway" science and mathematics courses. The STEM Center is located in El Dorado Hall. Visit STEM Center Schedules for schedules and more information. 

Contact: Carissa Romero, Coordinator for Student Academic Success Services. Email: carissa.romero@csuci.edu, 805-437-8921                       

Zahaira Ramirez, STEM Center Support Coordinator. Email: zahaira.ramirez@csuci.edu; STEMCenter@csuci.edu; 805-437-3596


Writing and Multiliteracy Center

The Writing and Multiliteracy Center's mission is to support all members of the CI community with their writing at any stage of the composing process. The WMC also provides feedback on student slideshow presentations, oral presentations, research posters, or short videos. Students can make appointments, drop in, or set up online consultations.

It is located in the Broome Library, 2nd floor, Room 2675. Visit WMC for information about hours, services, and tutor schedules.

Contact: Writing & Multiliteracy Office,  805-437-8934.  Email:  wmc.tutors@csuci.edu

Sohui Lee, Faculty Director and Assistant Professor. E-mail: sohui.lee@csuci.edu

Abigail Michelini, Assistant Director and Lecturer: E-mail: abigail.michelini@csuci.edu; 805-437-3290 


Biology Program Tutors

The biology program offers tutoring for all levels of undergraduate biology coursework. Tutors are located in the open study area on the second floor of Aliso Hall. Fall 2017 Biology Tutoring Schedule (PDF, 49.7 KB)

Contact: Jessyka Dalton, Faculty Support Coordinator. Email jessica.dalton@csuci.edu.


Computer Science/Information Technology Program Tutors

Tutoring for computer science and information technology courses is located in the Computer Science Tutoring Lab, Sierra Hall, 1119. Visit CS & IT Tutoring for information. Fall 2017 Tutoring Lab Schedule(PDF, 178 KB)

Contact: Brian Thoms, Professor of Computer Science. Email brian.thoms@csuci.edu 

ESRM Program Tutors

Tutoring for Environmental Science and Resource Management is located in Ojai Hall, 1934 (Sierra Hall, 2432 on Fridays). Fall 2017 tutoring for ESRM will be held in Ojai 1934 (after 5pm, tutoring will be held in the library):

  • Monday 3:00pm-5:30pm
  • Tuesday 3:00pm-6:00pm
  • Wednesday 9:00am-11:30am and 4:00pm-5:30pm
  • Thursday 2:00pm-6:00pm
  • Friday 11:30am-2:30pm

Language Tutors


Spanish tutoring supports introductory to advanced levels. Students receive help on grammar questions, reading comprehension, and conversational Spanish practice. Tutors also provide comments and suggestions which can aid in the improvement of students' writing skills. However, tutors will not edit, proofread or "fix" student papers. Spanish tutors will tutor in the LRC in study room 2762. Fall 2017 Schedule (PDF, 150 KB)


Contact: Sandra Kornuc, Spanish Lecturer: sandra.kornuc@csuci.edu

Mandarin Chinese

The Mandarin tutor, Chris C., will tutor in the LRC. Times and locations will be posted soon!